Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh sweet baby Jesus's birthday.

Has come and almost gone. There was wrapping paper strewn across the kitchen and E was hidden behind boxes. It was lonely without the mini supers but hopefully next year we can have the madness!  Superman put together the Barbie dream house and I have already contemplated removing batteries from a couple toys.

So from Carolina to all of our friends and family across the country and now world we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



Friday, December 21, 2012

It's 3:24....a.m.!!!!

Welcome to the Army wife life. Superman has an unusually early pt session before his holiday, so of course here I am blogging while he shaves his face.

Being up this early means that I put no effort into getting dressed. None. Sweats and a hoodie and to spare the gate guys sometimes a hat to hide my scary mess of hair, I'm kind right? Superman informed me the other morning that when I incorporate the hat I look like a hungover college kid. Thanks sweatheart!

Awake but barely,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh a pimp with a gimp.

Really there is no meaning behind my title besides the mere fact I enjoyed it.

Random Montana moment the other day. As I was driving home for the 2nd time that day I realized that this one hill and turn would suck in the ice and snow. I also contemplated how I would approach it if I did have to drive it in such conditions. Then I laughed at myself because I'm in Carolina and there is no snow here.

Naming your daughter Chardonnay automatically makes everyone think you are/were an alcoholic and sets your daughter up for the same. Think before you drink and name babies people!



P.S. it is not okay for your pants to get eaten by your lady parts. Either buy larger pants or pull them down a tad. Let's start shooting for classy instead of trashy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

5 things I want my kids to be good at.

Every parent dreams of a successful and happy child. We currently joke with ours that they need to be something that makes a substantial amount of money so mom and dad can retire early and they can foot the bill. After all we did fork over money left and right for 18 years, so they owe us right? (Just kidding, kind of...)

So here are five things that I want my kids to be good at. Maybe they will make a chunky 7 figures a year, and heck they may work 20 hrs a week for pay for that one room run down apartment just to get by and volunteer the rest of their time away. As long as they are happy and follow these five things I will be the proudest momma ever. (I promised not to adorn the back of my vehicle with proud mom stickers though)

5. Laughter. It enlightens the soul and makes even a bad situation a little bit better. Tough times suck and we will all endure them, but they don't last. We must learn to laugh at anything that can be laughed at and giggle when a belly laugh isn't acceptable. Grab your favorite funny movie, check out YouTube, or call your best friend, laughing for even 5 minutes in the middle of an awful day will make the day great.

4. Crying. I don't want my kids to be drama queens that cry at the drop of a hat. (Trying to break E of this now.) Crying a good cry is acceptable and should be done every once in a while. It clears your emotions and takes a little weight off your shoulders. Hop in the shower or cuddle up in bed and let loose.

3. Being a best friend. Everybody needs that one person that you can tell anything and everything to and they won't judge you. The one you can call at anytime of the day or night and they will talk to you, or they miraculously call you when you need it most just because they had a feeling. Be this best friend and someone will return the favor. If you have a real best friend, they will tell you when your hair looks like shit and your ass is too big for those jeans, these are the real signs.

2. Be humble. The saying "Don't judge me until you have a walked a day in my shoes" is a great thing to live by. You never know what someone else is going through. Be happy with what you have and who you have. You may not have a mansion but if you have food on the table and roof over your head and clothes on your back then you are already a lot better off then a million other people. Be grateful.

1. Love. Love with all your heart. Love yourself before everyone else and do it well. You are the one person you have to deal with forever. Fall in love with that person, all of your flaws and strengths, know that you are the best you that could ever be. Love your family, mom and dad may tell you no, to pick up your room, and ground you when you need it, this means that they love you unconditionally and they are making you a better person. You will not realize this until you have moved away from home. So love them even when they make you mad. Siblings are the same way, I don't care how many fistfights or screaming matches you get into, your brothers/sisters are your greatest fans even when you're not speaking and avoiding each other at all costs. It's a bond greater than no other, love it.

I am all giddy and happy, Goodnight my lovelies!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks and Giving

This holiday hasn't been the same for the past 3 years. It was my Grandma's holiday, she was amazing at every second of it and I'll never look at a turkey or pumpkin pie again without thinking of her. E missed out and never got to experience it with her.

I still love this holiday with all my being. It's a day where we are supposed to remember all that we have, even if we have little. Superman is working today and I'm not in any way trying to get pity comments but all I ask is that each and every one of you be thankful.  Yes we are luckier than others and I did get to wake up next to him this morning so turkey and tatoes will be consumed tomorrow.  Hug the ones that are close to you and remember that your neighbor may not be as lucky, whether it is military, miles or another reason.

To all of you that are skipping the day that is supposed to be about family and friends to sit in line at a best buy or walmart, shame on you. Black Friday be damned! How greedy and grabby can you people be? I'm very sorry that a tv is more important than a family day. I hope that whatever you are after tomorrow is defective Christmas morning, is sold out, or you get a broken foot while running after it. Yes that may be evil but for shit's sake people!

Hugs and loves to our family and friends back in MT!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh happy day!

This Blue Moon is amazing and oranges are drowning in it. Most times I like my beer plain, just beer as it was meant to be and then there are nights like tonight when oranges must accompany. Superman is killing zombies and E is yelling at him to get the ray gun? while finishing her dinner still because we are having awful dinner fights. Did you know that she is full after just two bites but then immediately wants a snack? Ya not cutting it kid.

My new boss likes gangnam. She's a 50 yr old professional business woman who yesterday during my orientation was dancing and humming because she had it stuck in her head. I think I'm going to like this place.

Am I the only one who always makes enough spaghetti noodles to feed a small village? I swear it's either enough for just me when I'm trying to feed three or the whole bag. Really? There has got to be an easier way!

This morning while putting my face together as to not scare anybody I encountered during the day I realized I had 4 tubes of mascara that are 1/4 full. Yes they are all the same exact thing too. How the crap did I manage that? I swear some days I amaze myself.

Superman is getting mad because I'm not listening to his stories and E is yelling at me from her room. So long and farewell my sweets!



Sunday, November 18, 2012

A very lazy did nothing week wrap up!

Life without a job is boring for this woman. I sit around all day with a list of things that I need to do around the house and then never do them because catching up on old tv shows, repolishing my toes 4 times and taking endless naps with the kittehs happen.  Superman thinks that it's ok and that I should enjoy my unemployement status while it is because when I get back to work I will miss it. Call me crazy but next Monday can't come soon enough! I have had at least one job since I was 14 and being the primary provider for the past 5 years had made it necessary, now depending on someone even if it is Superman and not like I'm calling random family I haven't talked to in years to ask for money, I feel worthless without a job. So yay for employement and no more blah!

It's the week of Thanksgiving! Love love love this holiday! Eeee!! I will Gobble day blog later in the week after I drum up a menu for 3 and maybe we'll eat it on actual Turkey day depending on wonderful CQ shifts. I might just ask a couple of Superman's single friends that are stuck on base alone to join so I can make some food without having to eat it for 9 years....

We journeyed around Raleigh yesterday. Fun little place considering we only spent a couple hours there. The mall was fun and we took E to the kiddos museum and we went to a real museum. Great thing is it's just a short drive away! We then ran home for coats and then onto base for the Big & Rich concert! It got kinda cold so we headed out about halfway through but family time is never dull and never a waste of a minute.

I hope your week and weekend was as relaxing and joyful as mine! Enjoy your upcoming week with your (hopefully) long weekend.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Blogger slacker! And lately that's all my blogs have been about. Me slacking. Ugh! Fail. My utmost apologies.

E started Pre-K today. She was excited to get out of the house. She was not destined to be a stay at home kiddo. Good thing because this momma was not meant to be a stay at home momma. Fingers crossed for a good phone call on Friday!

Crazy drivers run wild in this town. This is not a complaint but a small sigh of relief that now I fit in with them :-)

Its not cold, not even close. 50s and rainy today, which means I'll put some jeans on and maybe grab an umbrella or small jacket, or heck a little rain never hurt anyone right? Last week we had a frost warning. FROST! Like 32 degrees and they were worried about people getting too cold and to remember to bundle up. Really? In MT we had warnings for -20 degrees and a foot of snow. I laughed a ton and then ran around in a long sleeve t and jeans and flip flops and got thousands of crazy looks. The south does not like cold, which is apparently anything below 65 degrees and they will freak out and act like they just got shipped to the north pole.

Gate guys are E's new favorite thing. Why? I haven't figured that out yet but she's intrigued and will make sure if she's sleepy and we're headed on base to stay awake until we get past them. Odd little one.
Last Tuesday after coming home from pictures I walked into the kitchen fooled around at the sink then headed to the drawer for something and then back across the kitchen. Karma is on my side because I stepped over cat puke 3 times without stepping in it! If that's how I get repaid I will take that every day for the rest of my life. Big joys come in small packages.

Now above mentioned pictures. A fellow Army wife was wanting to get a couple kiddo shots in and asked if she could borrow E as a subject. Sure! So here's a couple fun diddy's from last week!

A fun flashback for everyone.  While we were back in MT and the madness of packing was going on I walked downstairs to the playroom while E was supposed to be packing her toys (please note I ended up packing all toys) and found naked Barbies and Kens everywhere. I remember having a sea of naked dolls when I was little so I just found it funny and made sure to tell Superman that night. Convo went a little like this...
Me: E had a mess of naked Barbies and Kens today. Are you ready for that yet?
Superman: Nah Ken's just for looks. Now when G.I. Joe is naked with Barbie we will worry about it.
Well played honey, well played.

Okay friends! I am off to see how wonderful Miss E's school day went and then head off to pick up Superman from work! Much love and many promises to be back on more often.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We have made it!

I should probably to sit down and give a detailed miles by mile trip experience but I'm not. I'm going to tell you that we made it safe and sound and without wanting to kill each other.

3 adults, a four year old and 2 cats in a truck for 2 1/2 days equaling 2200 miles and we survived. Honestly I feel like I should get a gold star. Noone puked or peed themselves. We didn't fight or argue. The last 150 miles were rough because we could smell it but not taste it. Like having a wonderful smelling dinner in the crock but knowing it has to cook for another hour.

My house is still not all the way unpacked, I don't care. I'm missing things to make food with so we'll do an actual with a list trip to the store this weekend probably. I am finally sleeping in my bed accompanied by Superman and E is loving her new digs. The only thing she is worried about is going to school and getting cable. She is settling in wonderfully!

Now onto daycare and job hunting while only having one vehicle!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Packing fail.

Today was supposed to be a day for packing completion. Ya that hasn't happened. I did get E's room done! Does that count?

Packing with a 4yr old is pointless. Every time I threw something in a box, she took it right back out. I gave her little jobs to do like taking her movies out of the cases and putting them in a CD case for the road. She took out 3 and put one in her TV and started watching it. Dirty clothes got put in the packed box and I'm pretty sure some Halloween confetti also got mixed in. I have given up caring. Since her room is done the rest of the house will wait until after she is in bed. Then I will pink Rockstar myself senseless and go to town.

I have about 11 loads of laundry to do and no I'm not exaggerating.

It hailed for about 4 minutes and scared me senseless not only because the last couple of days of work would have been insurance agent hell, but because the garage is full of packed boxes and both vehicles are sitting outside.

Wish me luck and if any of my locals are super bored on Wednesday I would gladly accept some cleaning help :-)



Thursday, October 11, 2012

2 weeks!

Tonight was my last night of lazy before the packing extravaganza begins! Since E has to go with SD for a week I'm going to get us all packed! It will be a lot easier than having to watch a little helper unpack and reorganize with me :-) I did get her tutu for her ghost done! Now just waiting on my wonderful bestie to do her shirt and I'm free sailing.

While we were in PC tonight for Britts volleyball senior night I noticed how old I really am. Kids that were youngins are now graduated or seniors. There are only 3 of my teachers left. Kids I babysat are now dating. One thing is still the same and anyone reading this that went to school there will laugh...there are still box elder bugs in the gym bathrooms!!!

I cry during the national anthem.

I must be on time for work tomorrow. Bob is turning 50!!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dog tags and hair bows

While driving in the truck today Supermans dog tag that he had hung there while on leave reflected some sun and blinded me. At first I cussed it out because it hurt and I do not need to be blinded while driving a large truck in 5 o'clock traffic. On a second glance I realized I had clipped on one of E's hair flowers to it so it wouldn't get stepped on and ruined. A tear hit my eye as I thought of the combination in front of me. The two main people in my life together.

As a single mom you worry about not just how well this new guy is gonna work out for you but also how well he's going to handle all the attitude playing with Barbie in the livingroom. E has always been a guy hater and Superman told me kids were intimidated by him. So imagine my surprise when the first night they meet E sits down right next to him and they start in on a conversation. They had just clicked right before my eyes like Superman and I had done a couple weeks before. They fit.

From then on they have been perfect together. While Superman was gone all E could talk about was him jumping out of planes and how many more days until he came home. When he finally did come home on leave she could care less about her school and friends that she normally looked forward but wanted to stay home every day with him. Now since he left again its "how many days until we move?". I also get pushed away for Skype dates as she insists on telling him numerous times how she loves him. She tells me to keep her boyfriends a secret from him and he is the one she has to call when something cool happens at school.

He is just as adorable. Ya I just called rough and rugged Superman adorable but when it comes to a man completely melting when a 4 yr old girl walks in the room or answers the phone its adorable.

E is so blessed to have such an amazing man in her life for her to look up to, adore and be protected by. They have already made plans for vacations and adventures and I think they came to an understanding on which age is appropriate for her to be kissing boys and going on dates. Every girl needs a wonderful male role model and E has landed herself the best of the best.

I am so very very close to having all 3 of us together as a family like we should be! Hectic yes but oh so worth it.

Side note: they both snore when they are super sleepy.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lets see...

Frosting cookies tonight with our besties was fun and of course messy :-) Would you expect anything else out of two 4 year olds and black frosting? We sure are going to miss them!

I made a huge change today! Love!

I had an incident with a pair of leggings. New legging order is in while we speak.

I am in love with my new gunmetal grey nails.

Things are getting crazy and I'm collecting boxes :-)

If this looks shitty and comes out all garbled it's because I'm on my phone. Get used to it because that's how it's gonna be.



Monday, October 8, 2012

Holy Jeebus!!

I haven't been on here in years!

Update on the world I live in. 2400 mile move in a short time! I can't believe it's happening right here and now but I couldn't be more happy and excited for our adventure! E of course can't wait and wants to move yesterday because she is also over missing Superman and only seeing him through Skype and talking to him on the phone.

I really hate moving. I don't hate the outcome but I hate the deep cleaning, packing, address changes, medical record roundup and make sure everybody that you have ever come into any sort of payment contact knows that you are no longer where you once were so they can continue to send you wonderful bills.

My lists in my list have lists. I swear I'm going to pull my hair out with all the crap I have to put together and get organized. This weekend will be a madhouse. I will be surviving off coffee and pink rockstars. This is a warning to anybody that decides to text, call or stop by that you will given a box, mop or paint brush and put to work.

Good night my lovelies and I will try to keep you updated on my madness as I go!



Monday, September 17, 2012

Forgive me...

I purchased and wore animal print. In public. For more than 5 minutes.  All for my best friend because that's what best friends do.  I do have the most amazing one in all the land ;-)

I found a candle (Febreze of some sort) the other weekend while shopping. I go to light it up and guess the frick what?!?! It smells just like Superman! Made my world right then and there in the middle of my kitchen in my sweat pants and hair a wreck.

I love me some mac n cheese.

My hair is finally long enough that I can bobby pin it into a messy bun thing! This makes me happy.

E is amazing as always :-) Such a mini person with her own personality and attitude and mannerisms that make me proud and happy. She speaks her mind and knows more than a 4 yr old should. We are dealing with Superman being gone one day at a time and she has her good and bad days just like I do. Scary thing is we usually have them at the same time. Please someone tell me how I'm not supposed to break down when your baby is a sobbing mess because her Superman isn't home and you can't give her how many days until he will be.

My weight loss mommies and I are back on the wagon and before all these holidays and yummy food hits I need a routine in a bad way. Superman can't have a flabby woman on his mmmmm muscled arm ;-)

We have survived Monday. Tuesdays are usually worse and with it being my office mom's Friday because she is headed on a long deserved vacation it is bound to be a huge disaster. Which also means the rest of the week will be as well. Woohoo for me! Wish me luck!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

When my soldier sleeps.

(a sleeping Superman while he was home on leave)
Ever since I met this wonderful man he has been awake, wide eyed and bushy tailed.  He is proud that he can fully function on 3-5 hours of sleep a night. His fiance on the other hand needs at least 8 unless you want crabbymisssassypants on your hands. 
Superman is a wonderful future husband, father, son and friend. Which means a lot of stress and worrying on his part. He strives to make the ones he loves happy and that can be a chore when you're dealing with a future wife and 3 kids :-)  Calming down is not an easy task. Finally before he left in March I got him to sleep, granted he still had to get up at predawn thirty, but he slept. My favorite thing is letting him fall asleep first, it's hard to hold out, but when I do it always pays off.
While he lays next to me I can feel his body completely relax and after he starts to breath slow a smile gradually catches his lips. It's calming to see such an active man finally letting go of all of the days stresses.  There is nothing more calming than a sleeping soldier.
As we venture on the military journey I am anticipating many more stresses. We have just begun and there is a lot more for us to conquer. Everyday will involve something more than the next and as each day passes we will learn another lesson. Every night we lay down to sleep whether we are near or far we will be one day stronger, be blessed to have spent one more day together and will be looking forward to the next.
Tonight we will sleep apart, I will hold onto to all the amazing memories we have made, dream of the next time I get to fall asleep in his arms and count my lucky stars for all that I have been given.
A sappy goodnight,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's getting harder for me to blog. Some days I think that I need some crazy life so that I had a story to tell everyday, but then I realize that I'm ok picking up the same toys in the living room 4 times a night and vacuuming daily.

Superman ABC's are in the works. I might just have to share when I'm done :-)

I am over piss poor "parents" pretending to be parents just to look good in front of their friends and family when really everybody knows they are worthless. How about you leave the parenting to the mothers and fathers that actually want to spend time with their children and will give up selfish activities to do so.

Waking up for 2 hrs in the middle of the night is not a favoite of mine and I"m over it. Please self lets do this sleep thing.

Good night (or good morning)!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

How awful I will be.

I am going to be a horrible, awful, no good, very bad Army wife. I am not very tidy, I sleep in and am always late and I do not like a lot of sudden changes.

I am embracing the changes and trying to remember that people in their 20s are supposed to love change and adventure and unexpected twists. I need to stop being 35 and enjoy the unknown and let it roll. It still gets to me every once in a while, but I am learning to love all that will come with the 10 day notice to move to some town I have no idea of and at a date that is still up in the air.

I am not SMD, I try some days and maybe when I don't have to work as much it will get better and I can clean every day and not have to force myself to do it when I come home from work. Until then the rooms will always have something that doesn't belong in them laying around, the bathroom will have that mornings hair and makeup collection covering the counter and there will be dishes in the sink. E's room is pretty atrocious as well. There is always tomorrow right?

I am a sleeper iner and I'm late every morning. Always. If I have an appt or engagement that I have been invited to I will be on time and sometimes ridiculously early as long as these things are scheduled after 10 am. Wake me up before 5 and I can usually kick some morning butt and get things rolling and my day is good, but then I require a nap at about 2pm and will be crabby after I wake up. It's really a lose lose situation for all parties involved. Superman is not ok with lateness and I think I drive him nuts. Good thing that man loves me a lot.

E and I had a wonderful battle this morning. She would not wake up for Superman, which means I had to threaten her with taking things away. After she was awake we had issues with her actually getting dressed like I asked, that I had to comb her hair (life is rough) and that she just couldn't find the shoes she wanted to wear. Let's not mention the band aid she HAD to have on a toe ouchy from 4 days ago that is 90% healed. I love my daughter.

Love and thank the sweet strawberries that tomorrow is Friday,


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cry me a river.

I don't do criers.

I understand that life is rough and times get hard. Cry it out and let it go. I cry, the kids cry, friends cry, it happens. My issue starts when you are crying at inappropriate times or at inappropriate places. There is no reason for an adult to throw a crying fit while they are not at their home. I get irritated when my 4yr old cries in public for no reason let alone have an adult do it. Drama for no reason is unnecessary and makes me want to smack you with a wiffle bat. Hard.

Tweens are hard business. I love mine but he is giving his daddy grey hairs (don't tell Superman you can see them). They are trying to figure themselves out, finding their spot in the world and dealing with all the daily crap on top of it. I remember going through it and it wasn't easy, but geez I need to apologize to my parents.

Boys in general are a different species. Growing up with two little brothers I was used to gross bathrooms and rambunctious days and a lot of wrestling and fighting, but I must have forgotten about it. The cats now hide under the bed all day and things are getting broken. E has been too easy on me I guess ;-)

Now a funny to take you home!

E saw a Victoria Secret bag in the car last night on the way home from school. She asked me where we got Supermans underwear and I told her Scheels. She then informed me that boy underwear was weird because well boys and everything about them is weird. E is apparently appalled by all things boy and told me that it is very good that we are girls and don't have to be gross. Thank you Miss E!



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday can be over any second.

E has strep. Superman is currently drinking as much Airborne as he can stomach. I am just gonna cross my fingers and wing it.

I am craving my moms lasagna right now. I make it exactly the same but I want hers and I want it now. And wine. Lots of wine.

Does anybody follow their sign? I'm a cancer and here is what I am:

Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a kind, emotional, romantic, imaginative, sympathetic, nurturing, and intuitive character. The Cancer person is protective, sensitive, tenacious, retentive, resourceful, self-contained, family and home oriented, maternal, security oriented, warm, patriotic, sentimental, and loving. They can also be touchy, over-protective, moody and crabby and prone to changeability, hypersensitivity, depression, and clinginess.

I think I fit pretty well, although I don't know how clingy I am....

That is all for today my lovelies let's all hope Friday goes a lot better than today!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm a slacker and a snacker!

Holy wow things have been busy around here! Loving it all but crazy busy.

Friday was the beginning of mini weekend! I missed them and forgot how different boys and ages can be. I still wouldn't trade them for anything.

Saturday we went up to look out point on the pass. The tween didn't have that great of a time because if I remember correctly trees and mountains are not cool at that age. E champion puked 3 times, thank you very much car sickness that has been passed down from me to her. The little mini has fun doing pretty much anything and was chasing chipmunks and trying to fall of mountains like any little boy should do.

Sunday was a swim day. A blast was had by all and the big mini even got me down a water slide :-) He's an amazing kid. 

Superman and I did sneak ice cream cookie sandwiches in the kitchen while the kids were in the living room because we are evil parents like that and there were only 2 and we didn't want to share.

Yesterday I went to work, picked E up from daycare (thank you summertime fever and cold), waited for Superman to get done working on his amazing upper body muscles and then headed back to work.  After work it was a head out to my parents kinda night so that I could be my mothers personal insurance agent. I think I should charge her after hours.....

E woke up with a fever again today so we are home and chilling. The big mini and Superman are currently at the store for milk and the little mini is killing zombies while E sleeps next to me on the couch while I catch everybody up on my busy uneventful life!

One thing that I was reminded of this weekend....everything happens at once. Bad stuff that is, and yes it still comes in 3's because we have 3 grown adults in our life that act more immature than the 4 yr old in the house. Please somebody tell me it'd be ok the tie them all together and drop them in a secluded location. Or at least find some magic "Grow up and move on" potion. Ugh the grown humans are way more exhausting than the little ones could ever be.

I need a kitty treadmill. The things are getting fat. The vet is going to have a cow. End.



P.S. Much sorries for the lack of postings lately, if work wasn't so goll darn busy all the time I could totally blog from there! I will try and reserve a few minutes every night to keep up with the world.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm tired.

Who thinks getting woken up at 4am is delightful? Oh wait, not this girl! I love my sleep. Love. It. As much as I love Superman and I love my "good morning beautiful"s, it needs to wait until 6am when the alarm goes off. Snuggle and cuddle time is delightful and I missed it so. I am starting to get crabby though and that is never good.

Does anyone know what the duck a kitty nib is? According to a freakin weirdo client it is when your kitty nibbles on you instead of actually biting you? Ummm my cats don't do this they either sneeze in my ear, try to stick their nose in my mouth or they just bite the shit out of me. This guy was a loony toon.

We are headed out to a date night tonight with the wonderful Keith. We owe him a lot considering we met because of his so I guess he can friend bomb a couple dates ;-)

Happy August!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another week in the books!

A lot has happened in a week!

A crazy busy week at work started my Monday.

Tuesday was full of best time which was very much needed after 2 whole weeks without her!

Wednesday brought us home Superman! Our house is now full and normal once again. E of course expected a moving date when he got home so explaining that it's not until he comes home again was a slight disappointment but she knows some dates so she's good to go.

Thursday and Friday were work for me while Superman got to relearn how to be a civilian.

Swimming yesterday left E more golden brown then before (if that's even possible), myself a little pink and poor Superman has some serious burn going on. Guess that's what happens when you've only got an ACU tan to work with.  I did however brave a bikini for the first time since before E!

Today was out to my parents. Good family time, a little bit of sprinkles and the CUTEST 10 day old puppies! My aunt is foster mommy for them until they can be adopted out and I fell in love.

Headed to work in a few again and then home for a tuck in for E and Superman movie time. I love having him home again. I am once again complete.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday slum it day.

It's after 4pm and E and I haven't let the house all day. She wins. She is sleeping right now which means I will have to wake her up in a few minutes to avoid her trying to pull an allnighter on a school night. There will be tears and whines I am sure.

Laundry has been defeated. If there is one thing in this world that I despise it is laundry. I will scrub bathrooms, clean kitchens and vacuum all day long as long as somebody else does the laundry.

I am ready for fall. I am praying to sweet baby Jesus that I at least get to go live in a state that has fall. I don't care about any of the other seasons but I love me some fall. It makes me happy.

I have a full work week this coming week. Bawb is out on vacation but at least my office mom is back. It will be a rough one with all of my inappropriate jokes going to waste because nobody will get them. Sad panda.

Off to wake E up and head to work for a bit. I hope everybody's weekends were great and that your Monday not suck as much as they usually do!



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bored on a Saturday night!

1. What is your best friend's Mom's name? Becky

2. Where is the weirdest place you have a mole?  I had one on my forehead, but that sucker is gone.

3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? Umm we had a cute student teacher once, but that was it.

4. Have you ever made out in a movie theater? I've kissed the guy I was with in a movie theater but never hard core make out.

5. What body part do you wash first?  Hair

6. Do you hover over the toilet in public bathrooms? All the time!

7. What's the strangest talent you have? I don't think I have any talents. Even normal ones...

8. Do you have an innie or an outtie? Innie.

9. What's your favorite flavored Pringles? Sour cream and onion

10. Have you ever been tied up? Do you want to be?  No and no.

11. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for? I haven't lived at my parents house in over 5 years so I have no idea what it was for but it never worked lol.

12. Do you parallel park or drive around the block? I hate parallel parking! I drive around the block. Or make whoever is with me park :-)

13. Have you ever had two dates in one night? Nopers.

14. How many times have you been cussed out? Oh way to many to count.

15. Which shoe do you put on first? I don't think I'm consistent

17. Have you ever been to a gay bar? Yes sir!

18. Girls-- Was this supposed to be a question?

19. Is there one thing all of your love interests have had in common?  I was going to say older than me at first but there was 2 that weren't so that doesn't work...I don't think anything.

20. Did you French kiss before you were 16? Yes.

21. Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting? no. Frog giggin!

22. Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep? Superman :-) every night.

23. Have you ever had a poem or a song written about you? Not that I'm aware of but I have dated a couple musicians so it's possible.

24. If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again, which would you rather not wash? Ew and ew! towel maybe, but still ew.

25. Have you ever found anything in your parents' bedroom that was questionable? I never went snooping through my parents bedroom.

26. What was your childhood nickname? Poo.

27. When is the last time you played the air guitar? I air drummed at Taryn's wedding with the wonderful Miss KayLie!

28. Have you ever peeked in the opposite sexes locker room? I used to go in there all the time, I stated for the boys basketball team in high school.

29. What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving? I can change, pants and everything. Does that count?

30. Have you ever bitten your toenails? Fruck no! Disgusting!

31. How do you eat your cookie? I bite it, chew, swallow and repeat until cookie is finished.

32. When working out at the gym, do you wear a belt? Why the fruck would you wear a belt at the gym?

33. Name something you do when you're alone that you wouldn't do in front of others. Fart?

36. How many drinks does it take before you get drunk? Depends on what I'm drinking, the temperature outside, how much and what I've ate that day and the last time I had a drink and what it was and how much I had.

37. Have you ever sniffed an animal's butt? No!

38. How often do you clean out your ears? Every time I get out of the shower.

39. Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?  Fold.

40. About how many times a day do you pick a wedgie? Depends on the undies. I will make a count next time.

41. Do you have any strange phobias? I'm terrified of spiders and not too fond of what's in the dark, but those aren't weird.

42. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? Sean shoved a straw up there once.

43. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done at a bar? I weird all the time, but I don't think I've done anything stupid. You might have to ask the girls about that though.

44. Have you ever been dared to do something you totally regretted? Nope!

45. Have you ever called your love interest by an exes name? No but an ex of mine called me by one of his exes names....that was awkward.

46. Have you caught a guy/girl farting while on a date? Not that I can remember.

47. Have you ever played naked Twister? No.

48. Have you ever been drunk at work? No but I wish I was daily.

49. Have you ever found your date's/lover's brother or sister more attractive? I'm racking my brain and don't think I've ever dated somebody that would have a brother that was dateable. So no.

50. Do you want to bring sexy back? It's already been accomplished thank you very much.

Friday, July 20, 2012


My drive into work today was a haze. I'm exhausted and as much as everybody is tired of hearing it I might say it a couple more times because I can and it's true.

I have always thought of myself as strong. I've been through a lot and even though my choices and decisions have been the ones to get me to the event, I am about as unlucky as it gets.  I don't mind being there for people and I'm not one to burn a bridge just because somebody has done me wrong. Maybe it's my own fault but sometimes it works out to my benefit because (especially me) you never know when you're going to need somebody. 

It's hard being the rock in everbodies life. I'm great at it, I listen well, I offer what I hope is helpful advice and I will be there whenever I can. The hard part is people taking it for granted. I take on a lot for the people I love so that they can be happy and hopefully I can lighten their burden a little. It makes me happy that I can do this for them and especially if they are going through a rough time I know that it's needed. But every once in a while I deserve a bad day, a sad day, or a mad day. Some times I want somebody to come up to me and tell me it's going to be ok, push their worries and conflicts to the side and let my emotions and difficulties be the only ones on the table for five minutes. Hug me, let me shed a few tears and not try and compete with how bad of a day they're having. I don't want to be the center of attention all the time, hell I don't even want to be it once a week, but when I do need it, I want the favor to be returned. Let me babble and cry and make no sense and get it all out. Then after my five minutes of fame I will be done and continue on. Please?

Ramble, blah, hiss,


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, maybe I am a little a slow, but so what?!

Hello lovelies!

Georgia was hot and humid and amazing. The flight down went smooth and the future father in law kept up pretty well. Had to wait until 11 on Thursday to see Superman but when I did I felt like a little kid at Christmas and fell in love all over again. Got to hang out for a bit on Thursday, then tried to sleep after dropping him back off at base. Friday was graduation and the beginning of four days with the man.

Most peoples vacations are full of grand adventures and awesome stories, mine was perfect because I got to enjoy the little things that I have been missing out on.  I got to grab his hand when we were walking, I got to see him smile, wake up next to him and burrow in for a good snuggle (because 6am GA time is 4am MT time and this girl was not excited about that) and I got to enjoy all of the other little amazing things that most people in relationships take for granted.

See you later sucked and my flights home were twatwaffles. Each one was delayed at least an hour for some reason or another and I spent 12hrs either in a plane or airport. Too long! I missed my booger something fierce and she missed me just as much. Tuesday was nothing but cuddles and naps and I love yous and some tears.

Now we are off on the adventures of falling out of airplanes and being super sneaky and of course it's all a huge bundle of chaos, but it's our chaos so I'm perfect with it all. We from now on will be writing in pencil and not planning a damn thing. There is no point because it's always getting changed and we keep getting our hopes up on when we get to see each other next.

I have a headache today, it's the first in at least a week and I got too used to not having them. Ugh.  I ate blueberries for breakfast and I'm not too sure I like them.

I miss my girls and need a girls night stat. It's going to be rough leaving them in a couple months :-(

Ok, back to work and catching everyone up from me being gone,


Friday, July 6, 2012

You could only get this from me...

I just spent a whole minute trying to open my new bottle of Captain. Huge thanks to a very wonderful nestie for sending it to me in a care package :-)

Reason for why I'm drinking tonight:

1. I have more motivation and desire to clean why house when I'm slightly buzzed. Why? I will never know but I can scrub floors and vacuum like a nesting preggo while on the Captian.

2. It's been a very long week. So long in fact that I'm already dreading Monday and it's still Friday.  I am ready for a vacation.

3. No Superman communication is eating at me. Hard. Need. Superman. Now!

4. My phone is pissing me off something fierce. Do not get a Droid. I hate mine with a passion. 2 more months and this beez is out!

5. Hopefully it will help me sleep some. Insomnia sucks and without a Superman shoulder this girl does not sleep more than 2 hrs straight. Sad panda.

Confession! On the 4th we were at Auntie Duh's house letting the girls swim in between the parade and firework show. Bff, Auntie Duh and I were sitting in the pergola talking and random me brings up my festive "firecracker" undies. Very cute VS undies that had "firecracker" written across the butt. So I decided that they needed to see them. So after checking to make sure grandpa was still in the house I lift up my dress and show them. Only to hear grandpa walking out the door, full view of my butt, saying "Too late". Muahahahaa! Good thing he loves me and knows I'm a weirdo!

Ok, E's in bed, the Captain is hitting and Im headed of to bleach some bathrooms, do some dishes and clean my room!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

When she's happy and you know it...

Clap your hands!!!

I'm sorry folks but there is nothing better than a happy woman. Regardless of if it's me or one of my good friends. To be able to see her smile through a text and feel the energy from across the country is one of the sweetest things a person can experience.

It's finally raining here! With the entire state on fire it's about damn time. It's not a huge down pour that is needed but moisture at this point in the game is all that anyone could ask for. The smell is to die for!

Superman count down is getting so close I can feel it! Now if my damn Id would show. Like tomorrow. Everybody say a little pretty please for me.

Olive Garden is officially out of business, ok not yet because I need their bread sticks still, but I have managed to mimic their 5 cheese ziti! Woot woot!

I'm curious about my new/old neighbor. Old as in age and duration as he's been here since before me, new as in I think he finally retired and has been home for a week. Our back yards face and so do our picture windows so each night when everybody opens their houses it's full view of kitchen and living room. The first couple of days he was home he was doing odd things like moving his table and chairs different places in his kitchen and now he's back to normal things like reading and dishes. P.S. he has no tv, I think I might be slightly envious that he does not need the television.

That is all from nosy Nancy...peace,


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

04 JUL 12

We grew up knowing the day of parades and fireworks, tons of family and the summer heat. When we got into elementary school we learned that it is really Independence Day and all the history behind it.  Now I look back and remember all the chapters I had to read and quiz on about war and the fight for our freedom. I was never really a history buff and I did what I had to do to pass the class. 

I haven't been through a deployment with Superman, but I have with my little brother.  Living it first hand brings a lot of things to mind that I wished I would have taken the time to think about. Years ago some wonderful men gave up everything they had so that we could start this country and now today there are many wonderful men and women who uphold that love and dedication.  They kiss their spouses, hug their mothers and promise their kids that they will be home as soon as they can. As they hop a plane and head over seas to the sandbox they have in that instant gone into survival mode. It's no longer mowing the lawn and wrangling the kids, they fight for not only themselves but every one of us every second they are gone, while they miss every second of home. Care packages, skype dates and phone calls become their only life lines to the family and friends that they hold in their heart because they may be gone for a couple months or over a year. It's not easy on them. It's not easy on their family. They are the reason you can protest gays and stand up for women's rights, the reason you get to live where you want and decide how many children you want to raise and the reason you get to love whomever you desire. 

So tonight when you lay your head down and every night after this remember why you are so lucky. You are lucky in the life you live because someone is out there missing their family so you can have dinner, sleep next to and go on vacation with yours. Tomorrow when the veteran walks by with the flag and the Star Spangled Banner is blared across the speakers; stand up, put your hand over your heart and say a prayer and a thank you for every man and woman past, present and future that has made this country what it is.

I am thankful for every single one of them and now living the life of a Army fiance I understand the hard times, the struggle and the patience it takes to make the job he loves possible. I am so proud of my soldier and all that he will do.  It may not be easy every day, but it is definitely all worth it.

And remember that there are fire watches and firework bans for a reason! Do not be the reason another family loses a home or another farmer loses his crops and livestock! Be safe!

Love, strength and gratitude,


Monday, July 2, 2012

All over oreos and ice cream.

Happy Monday is over!

I am tired, exhausted if you will. Weekend was long and not the greatest I have ever experienced.

I lost my Id Friday which will result in me praying to the sweet baby DMV Jesus that my new one gets here in a week like they have in the past. I do not want to fight with TSA people and a paper Id. I really really don't and do you think this girl would have kept old ones? Oh hell no that would have been way to easy! Ugh.

Magic Mike sucked. Yes hot naked men dancing is great, but the movie was awful. End.

Im finally doing laundry because I don't think I have anything to wear to work tomorrow. Ok, really I do but it's something that I would have to accessorize and dress up and be cute in and honestly that is not sounding too appealing right now.

Tonight while doing dishes I realized just how excited I still get when the Dawn dish soap makes little bubbles if you tip and squeeze just right. It's like bubble wrap, I don't think one could ever lose the kid love for such a thing.

I have no patience waiting for Superman visitation (kinda makes him sound like an inmate). After he left the first couple weeks sucked while I dealt with my emotions and got into my groove. Things got easier to manage and then a couple weeks before I got to see him it was almost worse than when he left. Welcome to that lovely feeling again. I can't sleep, I cry at the drop of the hat, and every single thing reminds me of him. These next few days better hurry the crap up otherwise Im pretty sure everybody in my life is going to disown me and shitty attitude.

Aren't I just a rainbow fart tonight?


My birfday!

Today is the day I made my escape.

I have already noticed:

My hair is revolting.
I’m tired and ready for bed and it’s only 1100.
My ass was a little more saggy than usual.
The bags under my eyes have darkened.
4 year olds do not care that it is your birthday and will revolt and throw a tantrum before getting ready for school.
Cheesecake is all your really need.
Clients must have a feeler that it’s supposed to be a good day because they have been pretty normal.



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy birthday baby brother!

21 years ago my baby brother blessed this world with his blonde haired, blue eyed, energetic presence.  He is proof that dynamite comes in small packages and anybody that has spent 5 minutes with him will agree. Never leaving a dull moment wherever he goes I can still remember the first time I held him and that I was the first one to hold him. My baby brother is now 21 years old, he is officially legal on all counts, and I am terrified for the east coast. Actually they might be ok because he’s been out on ship for the most part of the summer, but when he gets in watch out my east coasters!
I cannot do this 100+ weather. I am a huge baby when it comes to heat. I know I shouldn’t be complaining because a lot of people have it a lot worse but ugh I’m already over it.
My house is a mess and it needs some serious SMDing.
Tonight will be the first night since the end of March that I will not be writing a Superman letter. He has his phone and I get to talk to him every day!!! Happy happy dance.



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long hot weekend!

Ugh! As much as I love my weekends more than 2 birds in love I am glad this one has rounded itself up.

Friday night was a much need eat homemade noodles with a ton of butter and drink a bottle of wine while watching Brother Bear 2 (alone, yes, don't judge me).  I wrote a wonderfully thoughtful, sweet and lovey letter to Superman and passed out around 11.

Saturday was the wonderful Miss Taryn's wedding! Woohoo for weddings! I have decided that Superman's and my wedding will not be big, as small as we can get it without just heading to the courthouse. It all turned out beautifully though and they looked sooo happy together! I did learn that I now can cry during vows and during the first dance...missing my soldier something fierce!

Today was a bestie day! I love bestie days with all my might. We took the girls to the new water park (really rad pool really). They had a blast and we all came away pink and tired from the sun and fun. I may or may not have spent a few minutes actually looking at swimsuits online. I told myself I'd never put this stretch marked body into one ever again but I really think my giveadamn is busted on that one.

I am tired. My kitchen is finally clean. I have fully rehydrated myself and I need to go write a Superman letter before heading off to dream land.



Thursday, June 21, 2012


You know you're over your significant other being gone when the mailbox has $35 worth of Victoria Secret coupons and their new catalog and you're pissed because there are no letters from him. 4 months ago I would have been jumping up and down for joy, now anything but a letter from him is equivalent to a bill.

Driving back from lunch break today I witnessed a guy walking to his car in a neighboring parking lot with his hand prominently down his pants. Scratching or fiddling away at his junk. IN BROAD DAY LIGHT! I wish I wouldn't have had a car behind me because I was 2 seconds from stopping in the middle of the street and snapping a picture of that one.

I still have sinus aids. The a/c in the office is making things ten times worse. I am a crabby Patricia.

Does anybody else have ninety thousand birthdays happening this month? Everyday I have had somebody (thank you FB) with a birthday. The one that counts isn't until the 28th but still I have to share that one with 2 other people I know! Cut a girl some birthday slack!



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My hair is gone! Chopped it the frick off! It's all cute and pretty right above my shoulders and the office ladies think I actually look my age and not 17!! Woohoo!!

I'm still fighting Mr. Sinus and his infections. That's what happens when your sinus is a hooker and doesn't protect his junk.

Magic Mike is coming out the day after my birthday. Naked hot gorgeous men after this girl hasn't seen a naked hot gorgeous man but for 1 day since the end of March...sign me up!

I am in love with 90s music. In. Love.

Sayonara sweets!


Friday, June 15, 2012

The new life.

Chaos here we come!

My life has never been dull and now it’s for sure that it isn’t going to let up anytime soon. I am knee deep in the military life. I am uncertain of where I will be living, when it will be and I have no idea when I might find out any of this information. Yay! I am such a planner; I like knowing dates and times of things months and months in advance especially for big things. After the first couple months of freaking out I have given up on it and we are winging it. I will have to adopt the mantra of “Hurry up and Wait”.

E is beyond excited.  She asks every morning how many more days we have until Superman comes home and we get to move.

It’s Friday and there are two bottles of wine sitting in the back of the office patiently waiting for a pre-game while the bridal party is out to dinner. 7 o’clock can’t come soon enough; I really need me some wine. Yes I am trying to be classy and rewine myself. Wish a girl some luck!

Everybody have a safe and happy daddy’s day weekend!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Why am I always so darn tired? Exhausted actually. I have been sleeping a solid 6 hrs and for the past couple weeks I’ve been dragging. I had been doing so well with no caffeine but I just couldn’t take it any longer. Thank you Rockstar and your PerfectBerry beverage for keeping me alive.  Maybe E will sleep in some this weekend? Probably not but a girl can hope. Also crossing my fingers that the Tipsy Trolley isn’t too rough on me Friday night for Miss Taryn’s bachelorette party.

I need to make time/ find time to go get the tattoo I want and soon. I also have the urge to pierce something… and no it won’t be dirty and gross!

E and I went for a walk Monday and my brooks rubbed the back of my heel raw. Wtf gnome-clown?! They have never done that and now all of a sudden shazam they hate me.

I am pretty sure I still have an 8 yr old spider leg in my eye from crawling around under the office yesterday. I also got bitch slapped by a moth escaping from a box of files. Jealous? I would be if I were you.

I hate doctor bills with a passion. Yearly woman appointments are blah in my book anyways, even though I know they are important, but is it really necessary to charge me that much for some Dr to look and poke for 2 minutes and send me on my way? We won’t even discuss additional charges for anything other than your poke and prod. My aids finger is also a wonderful chunk of change for them to make my world miserable for 2 weeks and then nothing great to come of it. It’s just not in my cards.

Thank you sweet baby mini pig wearing red rain boots that it’s already Thursday and the weekend is close. I need you Saturday and Sunday badly. Superman countdown is underway!



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Warning danger ahead!

Call me bitchy, sex deprived, stressed, crazy, really whatever you want but who in their right mind (men I'm guessing) came up with this "Have a happy period" bullshit?! What woman in their right mind has ever had a happy period? Find me a woman that has even had a remotely not too bad period. There is NOTHING enjoyable about it. I would call it manageable, something that I have to deal with on a monthly basis and dread the day it shows up and praise the heavens above the day it leaves.

Since I'm in a mood and for some reason The Last Song is on and I'm too angry pissed typing to flip it to either Miss USA or a fuggin baseball game. Why? Not enough Captain or Superman I'm sure....

Why do people warsh clothes or use onvelopes? Speaking like that drives me bonkers. Somebody please call me a hypocrite because I believe that creek is pronounced crick unless it's in a name.

Life is a little crazy.

Gonna be kicking some Georgia peach ass in 5 days! They ain't seen nothing yet ;-)



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh Wednesday......

I need a caffeine IV this morning. If none of this blog makes sense, you now know why.

I have magical red hair. It’s not the gorgeous real red like I’m so very jealous of but a fun magenta! My bestie decided that it would be a good idea and even though I was scared I let her do it and as always she was right and it kicks some ass!

My toes glow in the dark. Last week I let E pick out a new nail polish and she picked a Shrek colored green. Cute and funky enough for a 4 year old so we went with it. Well last night after being in the bathroom for before bed rituals I turned the light off and while trying not to trip over a cat looked down and BAM! Glow in the friggen dark nails. I was pretty excited and then had to show E this morning. She wasn’t as thrilled as I thought she would be. I will push the matter later; glow in the dark is cool.

Got a miss you text this morning J

Vacation soon and I’m already in the mindset. I’m trying really hard to focus and concentrate, it’s proving to be a huge challenge. The ladies I work with are having some fun with it though.

Weight loss is going great! Im down 11 lbs since Superman’s hiatus and this is one happy girl. However, the boobs are leaving along with the flab; not too ok with that.

Peace out girl scouts,


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I may or may not have...

Just drank a half gallon of milk.
Ate donuts for dinner.
Teared up over Octonauts.
Left my shoes lay aimlessly in the kitchen.
Not taken the garbage out because it was still half empty and dragging it 30 ft seemed exhausting on my lunch.
DVR'd Oliver and Company, not for E but me.
Spent more money at AE.
Vacuumed 3 days in a row because I really enjoy it.
Already started a mental packing list for my Superman visit.

Did you know that I have now been without a microwave for 6 months and I don't think I'll ever need one again! I feel all rustic and stuff.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Well looky here!

Why hello! I have been gone. Sad panda :-(  Superman asked how my blogs were going and it made me realize how much of an awful blogger I have been! So to play some catch up into my boring life...

First some serious business! Am I the only one that looks great when I walk out of the house in the morning and by the end of the day I'm a complete train wreck. For a while I was giving E guff for coming home from school looking like a homeless child until I looked in the mirror today on my way to pick her up. I went to work today with my hair perfectly straight and not a strand awry, it was in a messy bun on top of my head as soon as I hit the time clock. I had on the cutest pair of pumps, I was now barefoot. My red cardigan (that works very well with my blond hair if I do say so myself) was in a heap on the seat next to me with bra straps hanging out from under my tank. I was a serious mess, now I wonder why E looked at me crazy every time I called her a wreck; momma was a wreck herself. The evil tricks the office will play on you.

Last week my little angel got her very first dance pictures taken! She is a hot or cold picture taker. There is no iffy picture. She is either pure model or crying mess. Well thank the good lord that we hit these ones on a good day! She was an absolute doll and I will have to wallpaper the house in them I'm sure.

You know you need to clean out your panty drawer when the thing is overflowing even after not doing laundry for a week. I might want to tackle that one soon....Scary thing is that if I get rid of the old ones I will be very tempted to fill the drawer with new ones! Ahhh the panty debacle.

E is on a Disney kick. Super great for me because it's like reliving my 4th year of wonderment all over again except I have watched Pocahontas at least 30 times in the month of May already and the dang thing has another week left! Either she needs to start like Cinderella or The Little Mermaid or momma's gonna go a little nutso.

I have a lot of pent up me going on. I'm like a little ball of crazy on a normal day and when you don't let the ball bounce off the walls at least once a day things start to get a little outta control. The ladies at work are probably about ready to kill me and everybody pray for Superman's sanity when he see's me. He's already been warned that he will have months of Jess coming at him. BAM! Crazy girl.

And the countdown begins...



P.S. Do not let your dermatologist put acid on your finger. It sucks a week and a half down and the thing makes me want to lose a digit. Count to 10 with that one...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend rant.

Sooo as everybody in this wonderful town is aware...the PBR is here. So of course everybody is wearing their cowboy boots for the first time this year and putting their bimbo girlfriends in her fake boots and too short dresses in their big trucks because they think it's hot. How hot Mr. Cowboy-for-a-day is it going to be when your girlfriend has a vehicular manslaughter charge and your brand new truck is smashed to pieces? Not so super great! I'm sorry but some girls should not drive trucks. I'm a suck driver but when I drive Superman's truck I do drive nicer then when I'm in my clown car. Ugh stupid girls.

Also I hate having to get groceries at the first of the month, I usually plan better but milk and yogurt are necessities and we were out. I almost wanted to kill somebody today and I was wishing Walmart had hard liquor about half way through. I shouldn't judge, but I'm in a slightly shitty mood and I'm going to.

We are another week down on the Superman countdown! Cheers!

I want to dance....now.

Beastly with the bestie last night was cute, even though she fell asleep half way through ;-) I loves my bestie.

Sorry for the hiatus!



P.S. Elroy the bunny had a baby! We have a baby bunny running around our backyard...he's soo wittle and cute and in definite need of baby talk whenever I see his tiny little snuggly wuggly baby bunny ears.

Monday, April 23, 2012

2 hrs and it's over.

Monday is always the most dreaded day of the week. Nobody wants to wake up. We all drag getting ready for work. You throw on the most comfortable clothing you can. You make time for a quad shot of coffee and grab an extra bottle of Tylenol. When your key unlocks the office door you let out a deep breath and sit heavy in your chair. The phone rings for the first time of the day and all you can think is "here we go again". You trudge through the first half until lunch where you debate drinking but settle for a normal lunch instead. The second half of the day is a fog, you're now back in the swing of things but it's like a droning underwater feeling. 1700 can't come soon enough and when it does you run out to your car jump in and lock the doors so nobody can get you back out. Relief. You have survived.
Another that kinda Monday for me. I stalked the mailman again today and 3 Superman letters arrived! I apparently need to have oreos and frosting on hand when he gets home ;-) One day closer and one day stronger and another check on the calendar.  My friends probably think I'm crazy for talking about him all the time, the ladies in the office probably give me off looks when they see me tear up or smile randomly at my computer screen, because how funny or sad could a Progressive quote really be? It's a lesson for me. They said it would be hard and it is. The miles are hard. The missing him is hard. The no communication sucks. Loving him? Now that's the easy part. I swore I would never date, love or marry a military man. Now that I am, I couldn't be more happier anywhere else. I get to count my year in the months spent with him and I get to make 3 days of happiness into 1 because I making every day count is all that counts. I don't sleep, get hugs or kisses or calls, but I do get him. That is what's worth it.

In E related news. She snaps, she winks, she has a boyfriend and her undies have to match her outfit. Ponytails are no longer acceptable and "Ugh mom really?" is her favorite phrase. She's in love with 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and going fast. She's a mini me. I can't get over the deja vu when she dances in kitchen, cries over the littlest scratch and can't wear certain socks because they feel funny. I've got to be the luckiest woman on the planet to be able to call this wonderful little girl my daughter.

As sucky as Monday was, I'm very very thankful.

What are you thankful for today?



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 Things that make me happy.

1. Ellie and everything about her.
2. Superman
3. I love yous
4. Family
5. Sunshine
6. Rain
7. Monster cookies (no nuts!)
8. Milkshakes
9. Being barefoot
10. Clean sheets
11. Bleach smelling kitchen and bathroom
12. Opening new mascara
13. Fresh haircuts
14. Seeing others happy
15. Making others happy
16. Cold pillows
17. Hot showers
18. New nails
19. Funky necklaces
20. Sapphires.
21. My bff
22. Office mom
23. Blunt card
24. Cute babies (I'm gonna be mean but some babies are not cute).
25. Ice in my water
26. Smiling randomly over something that happened long ago.
27. Meeting new people
28. Fresh air
29. Cute heels
30. Tank tops
31. Captain and Cokes
32. Old pictures
33. Honest answers
34. Cupcakes
35. Pedicures
36. Hand massages
37. Fresh hi lights
38. Diet Dr. Pepper
39. Pasta smothered in cheese
40. Cheese
41. My phone, I'm slightly obsessed.
42. Pentel R.S.V.P. pens, preferably in blue.
43. Running
44. Flowers
45. Coffee
46. Friends from afar
47. Goldfish crackers...they are the snack that smiles back!
48. Post-it notes in pretty colors
49. Old pictures
50. Fast Internet
51. The smell of a new book
52. Caramel in my chocolate
53. Dark Chocolate
54. Clean smelling candles
55. Regular paste toothpaste
56. The burn after kettlebell
57. How my ass looks after said kettlebell burning
58. Good clients
59. Blue
60. Sports movies
61. Anything Julia Roberts
62. Weekend get aways
63. The color black on vehicles
64. Mini pigs
65. The smell of rain over fresh cut alfalfa
66. Local brews
67. Chandeliers
68. Romantic snow
69. Kissing in the rain
70. Mountain streams that freeze your feet instantly even when it's 90 out.
71. Little black dresses
72. Cardigans
73. Swiffer dusters
74. Pigs in rain boots
75. Curled hair
76. Hand sanitizer
77. Sweet songs
78. Great moms
79. Super dads
80. Animal kisses
81. Jimmy Johns
82. Frozen grapes
83. Love quotes
84. Pinterest
85. Weddings
86. Men with tats and muscles
87. Nesties
88. Chunky Monkey Mommas
89. Plane rides
90. Paychecks
91. Old churches
92. Dewey grass
93. Dance moms
94. Knowing there is beer in the fridge even if I don't intend on drinking it.
95. Stretching
96. Countdowns
97. Karma
98. Hugs
99. Pretty eyes
100. December 5th.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

About as personal as I have ever been on here.

Up until a week ago I can not remember the last time I sat down and took a pen to paper and wrote an old fashioned letter.  Thank you United States Army for bringing back the good old days. Within the past week I have never felt more free or alive after writing to Superman every night. Even days when I have nothing to say really or I haven't received a letter I sit down to write. Sometimes a couple times a day. It's definitely not the same as typing something out on the computer, I get too distracted by fb and pinterest in the background :-) 

I got 3 Superman letters today! Some days I get none and then I love days like today when multiples come in. I of course couldn't wait and had to read them on lunch and I wrote back right away to answer a couple questions he had asked. I reread them when I got home from work (call me crazy but I tend to reread them when I need a pick me up) and realized I had missed a very important question he had asked me. I'm not usually a publicly personal person and a lot of people are in the dark about Superman, his whereabouts and our current situation. I like to keep things quiet for the most part. The people that matter the most know. So anyways tonight I decided after rereading my letter before throwing it in an envelope that I kind of inspired myself and hopefully I could do the same to somebody else. So please enjoy a very personal piece of my life. And feel honored you will be reading it before the recipient.

" So while reading your letters when I got home from work I realized I didn't answer a very important question. You asked me, "Am I doing the right thing?". Yes you are, very much so. Why? Because it's what you want, its a dream of yours. You finally got the chance to do something you wanted for you. It wasn't a decision for me, the boys, friends or family. You did it because plain and simple you wanted to. There is nothing wrong with that at all. It's actually very inspiring. Look at all I gave up. Architectural engineering, vet school and CPA. Dreams of bettering myself that I let go and will probably never go for. I made decisions and I'm happy because they led me here and to you.

You get to be happy being a bad ass like you wanted. You don't have to give up me or anything else. I will support and follow you wherever you decide to go. You did what was right for you and I honor and respect you more than I could ever express. There is nothing strong about leaving yourself out of life so that everybody else can be happy. When you are happy for you, then everybody else will feed off that energy and be happy too :-) I would never in a million years ask you to go back to being a mechanic. You hated it. When I first met you and up until the day you left, every time you talked about SF you got a glimmer in your eye. Like a kid does on Christmas morning or the way a mom looks at her kid on it's first day of school. Unbridled, full on, straight from the heart happy. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and when you write that you are the toughest one I can see you smiling a little. Everybody deserves that self worth.

For me, I gave up careers to be the mom I am. I get the same glimmer every time she says she loves me, hugs me or calls me her best friend. I am ok with following behind her picking up dirty socks, crayons and fruit snack wrappers. I am proud of myself and amazed at my strength.

See, it doesn't matter how we get there, but that one day we wake up and recognize ourselves as a worth to someone...."me". So as your future wife, soul mate, and best friend; my answer is yes."

So one week down and 13 to go. Hopefully all of you find your self worth. Find the thing that makes you the happiest. Superman has completed my happiness, but if it wasn't for E I wouldn't be in the position to accept and cherish love.

Good night and tomorrow is Friday!


P.S. I need creative ideas for putting all our letters together when he gets home! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 4th day

Or 3rd, however you want to look at it.

I opened a new tube of toothpaste this morning. I love me some new toothpaste. It's a good way to start a day and super fresh paste is amazing.

I'm in a really weird mood today. Beyond happy, apprehensive, ecstatic, and slightly depressed. Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of being a girl! I really think a "me" day will fix it. I feel guilty having E stay with my parents a night or two a month, even though I know I need to keep my sanity too. It's not like she's a hard or trouble child but it's nice to wake up when I want to, shower without having to open a granola bar and stop to make lunch in the middle of a de-clutter kick. Not feel bad about taking her to the gym on a weekend during our time, which I feel bad about taking her to 3 nights a week as is. So paycheck be damned I will be taking a day soon.

90s music blaring in the office and we are naming a robin that has decided to construct it's nest right outside our window.  Ahhh the joys of having happy nice people in the office :-)

Another day down and another to enjoy!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lets start another one!

Happy 2nd week of April! If I countdown weeks instead of days the number isn't as big and doesn't make it seem as bad, so here we go for another 25 weeks.

I watched Coach Carter again this weekend. I stayed up until 1am to do so Saturday night (I'm old that's SUPER late). I love this movie more than I love baby fishes. My favorite quote of the movie:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Yesterday was a ton of fun with E. I love holidays with little kids. Their smiles and joy make a holiday fun.

While staying up late Saturday and then being out at my rents on Sunday (their place clears my mind) I got to thinking about relationship type stuff. After being through all that I have and watching and being there for a couple friends, I realize I have quit being a judger, you can say I have grown up a bit. I always had rules for relationships and judged anyone that went against them.  Life is entirely too short and as humans we make mistakes, even when it comes to how we feel. My new life motto is: Whatever makes you happy. If you want to run off to a foreign country for 3 months, do so. If you want to get married on a whim to a guy you've known for 3 days in Vegas, do so. Personally would I do so? Vegas, No, but a 3 month adventure does sound kinda fun. It's all about enjoying every second of every day.



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday observations.

Disney Junior is my new fav. Not because I enjoy endless Oso, Mickey, and Bubble Guppies, but because I can successfully clean for 30 min without being interrupted.

Measure cabinets before going to Target for plastic bins you are hoping will fit in said cabinet.

Vacuuming can and will get annoying when you have done it 3 times in 48 hrs.

My pectoral muscles (please read as musk-uls) are beyond sore. I am not looking forward to kb tomorrow. I think I'll kick box tonight in efforts to limber me up a bit.

Now that I'm waiting on a phone call every second of ever day it is possible to hyperventilate over not being able to find your phone.

After planning on going to the park today and not getting there due to errands and having a super lazy child (believe me this only happens twice a year I'm very grateful for it today) we didn't make it. It did pop a wonderful little diddy into my head randomly though...Have you ever tried to get a child to stop playing at a park? Whether its to go potty, eat, or the worst....leave, it's absolutely the hardest thing on the planet. Really it's like trying to have a conversation with your significant other while you're completely nude. It's impossible. They are far too distracted by swings or boobs and want to hear nothing you are saying and plan on doing their own thing anyways. 



P.S. We dyed eggs today! I love holidays with kids!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I can't sit to pee....

Now is when being a boy would be nice. Thanks to my wonderful trainer my legs hurt like a biznatch.  Like I almost fell down the stairs because they weren't working last night.  I feel powerful after a workout like that but damn it hurts for days following. I guess the end result will be worth it!

My mom now has chicks at her house.

Yes just like these cute little balls O' fluff.

There is something about baby anything that just makes me smile. I think it's a mixture between their innocence and their mininess.

I got a phone call from Superman last night! It's amazing what 10 minutes will make a week. Welcome to the life.



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's to adventure.

About 50% of my posts are about the office. When you spend 40hrs a week somewhere and you get some colorfulness you are blessed with blog posts :-)

Today we had a rather scary adventure. A man was wandering around the outside of our office for 15-20 minutes. Now where our office is located, you don't come down here unless you need to go into one of the offices, there is nothing of importance. So when a 6' plus tall guy is rooming around hiding behind trees with a guitar and mumbling you freak out a little bit. Downtown I wouldn't think anything of it, but here it's a very very rare occurance and something to worry about. So we called the cops and in the meantime the guy decides to COME INTO THE OFFICE! Yes our office full of women, because Boss Man was gone today. Great so SuperKy comes to the rescue, calms the guy down (he was tweeking good and hard on soemthing), keeps asking him a bunch of questions and makes him a bagel and a cup of coffee. By then the cops show up and take him to the hospital. Of course all of this couldn't happen when Superman was just being a stay at home guy, nope 3 days after he leaves.

I'm doing better today with him being away. It's rough and I'll need to learn how to cope, currently his toothbrush makes me cry, snuggling his pillow is not the same and I hate not seeing his truck in the driveway. Sad face. But he will be back soon! And I think a trip or two is in the works for me heading to the south :-) I'm counting down days and trying to find things to keep me busy. My bff might get tired of me in a couple months ;-)

Love to afar,


Monday, March 19, 2012

What is your typical day?

A lot of people hear about my life and say "gosh you're busy". Am I really? I don't think so. I am pretty sure my day to day is pretty boring. How about you decide?

Alarm goes off. As of now and having a snugly Superman next to me I rarely (please read once a month) get up on time. I am bound and determined to get up like I'm supposed to next week.

An hour and a half later E and I should be headed to daycare. Which also rarely happens, if I leave on time like I'm supposed to I show up to work early and am able to not run around with my head chopped off. On the couple days a month this happens it's usually a pretty darn good day.

I work here with all the files and phone calls and hilariousness of my clients until my brain is dead and then it's headed out to pick up the E.

Depending on the day of the week E and I might have something to do. We have kettle bell one night and dance another, the other days (after Superman leaves) we will squeeze in more gym time or bestie time.

Weekends are a free for all. We kinda do whatever we want, besties , grandparents , minis , park, movie or hanging at home hopefully cleaning.

See friends my life isn't that exciting! It's normal and average and boring....Just the way I like it.

Happy I was only 4 minutes late to work today Monday!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh to be fashionable...

I have never been a fashion queen...ever. I have some cute heels and that's about as far as it gets, I will wear the shit out of jeans, tanks and flip flops. Regardless of weather and occasion. I have recently (in my growing up age) realized it might be ok for me to incorporate some fashion into my day. Not everyday for shock of losing my casualness but it can't hurt right?  I have been trying to keep up with fashion blogs and hit up the major designers websites but either the stuff looks funny to me or I think "only if I was a size -8".  Maybe I just need to do it?

In other non fashion related news. I am friggen excited about this nice weather! Outsideness here we come. I still need to find a jogging stroller and then convince my 4 yr old that it would be a fantastic idea to ride in it for even 30 min at a time.  We shall see....

Enjoying every minute of every day because you're supposed to,


Thursday, March 8, 2012

And there ya have it folks!

Whole-wheat pasta sucks, unless I’m doing it wrong or something but it sucked balls last night. So I will go back to my unhealthy makes me fat and full and yummy normal pasta. Superman is very disappointed and this did cause a small stir in the house last night. On the plus side the chicken was great.

My eye has some sort of fungus? Or maybe it’s the clap. I am not sure but I am using my little bottle of eye drops that cost $$$ so they better work. Since the eye is having issues I am rocking my glasses today. Superman thinks I’m hot, the office thinks I’m cute and I feel like that nerdy awkward child that I was in the 6th grade. Woohoo Thursday!

Vent: David’s Bridal needs to make more than one flower girl dress that comes in Canary. Thank the fairies that the one they do make in that color is cute, I did not want to be the bearer of bad news to the new sister in law! Here is what the E will be wearing for Uncle’s wedding in August….
I will be making brownies tonight. Frosted, full of chocolate chips and extra chocolate syrup. If I'm going to make them I'm going to do it right and have some fun.

I feel like I have so much to tell but it's all top secret (ok really not...)! Muahahahaha ;-) Maybe soon.



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ellie overload beware!

4 years ago I became a mom. My world was changed and my heart was full. Looking back I can't believe everything that has happened since. I went from loving the little milestones like sleeping all night and sitting up to now when she's recognizing words and reading and counting to 50. Little miss personality has taught me more things about myself than anything. The true meaning of loving somebody more than yourself, having your heart and soul outside of your body and putting one person above anything and everybody else. So happy birthday to my wonderful little Miss E.

Day 1
3 months later
15 months
2 years
1 week ago
Love and mushiness from me to my little booger :-)