Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, maybe I am a little a slow, but so what?!

Hello lovelies!

Georgia was hot and humid and amazing. The flight down went smooth and the future father in law kept up pretty well. Had to wait until 11 on Thursday to see Superman but when I did I felt like a little kid at Christmas and fell in love all over again. Got to hang out for a bit on Thursday, then tried to sleep after dropping him back off at base. Friday was graduation and the beginning of four days with the man.

Most peoples vacations are full of grand adventures and awesome stories, mine was perfect because I got to enjoy the little things that I have been missing out on.  I got to grab his hand when we were walking, I got to see him smile, wake up next to him and burrow in for a good snuggle (because 6am GA time is 4am MT time and this girl was not excited about that) and I got to enjoy all of the other little amazing things that most people in relationships take for granted.

See you later sucked and my flights home were twatwaffles. Each one was delayed at least an hour for some reason or another and I spent 12hrs either in a plane or airport. Too long! I missed my booger something fierce and she missed me just as much. Tuesday was nothing but cuddles and naps and I love yous and some tears.

Now we are off on the adventures of falling out of airplanes and being super sneaky and of course it's all a huge bundle of chaos, but it's our chaos so I'm perfect with it all. We from now on will be writing in pencil and not planning a damn thing. There is no point because it's always getting changed and we keep getting our hopes up on when we get to see each other next.

I have a headache today, it's the first in at least a week and I got too used to not having them. Ugh.  I ate blueberries for breakfast and I'm not too sure I like them.

I miss my girls and need a girls night stat. It's going to be rough leaving them in a couple months :-(

Ok, back to work and catching everyone up from me being gone,


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