Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We have made it!

I should probably to sit down and give a detailed miles by mile trip experience but I'm not. I'm going to tell you that we made it safe and sound and without wanting to kill each other.

3 adults, a four year old and 2 cats in a truck for 2 1/2 days equaling 2200 miles and we survived. Honestly I feel like I should get a gold star. Noone puked or peed themselves. We didn't fight or argue. The last 150 miles were rough because we could smell it but not taste it. Like having a wonderful smelling dinner in the crock but knowing it has to cook for another hour.

My house is still not all the way unpacked, I don't care. I'm missing things to make food with so we'll do an actual with a list trip to the store this weekend probably. I am finally sleeping in my bed accompanied by Superman and E is loving her new digs. The only thing she is worried about is going to school and getting cable. She is settling in wonderfully!

Now onto daycare and job hunting while only having one vehicle!


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