Wednesday, June 26, 2013

22 years ago...

Two planets collided, the dinosaurs came back to life and there was a massive meteor shower. Ok no not really but my little brother was born and that's pretty much the same thing. He was little and scrawny and I just remember holding him first. I wanted him to be named baby brother and being two I probably thought he would be able to play with me as soon as he got home. 19 years ago we were having a Lion King birthday party with family and friends and this year we will be killing little umbrellas on the beach! Growing up sucks and I know I wish I could go back to wheel barrow rides and balloons again but we made some pretty good memories. So hugs and a couple pinches to my little brother who is now old and married and stuff. He's playing on a ship today because he is headed out to float on waters in a couple weeks but I'm sure my wonderful sister in law will spoil him tonight.

So happy birthday baby brother and many many more!



Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad style

With Father's Day this weekend here are some great things that I have take from my dad.

I will always be a daddy's girl. Rain or shine I always have been. I guess when they say a girls first love is her dad it rang true for me. I love that man.

Thanks to my daddy, a garage floor and an 80's boom box I learned how to dance and laugh and work on cars.

I know that a paycheck won't fall into your lap and even if you hate your job you do it well until something  else stable comes along. Supporting yourself, keeping food on the table and bills paid comes before your own pleasure of not sitting on the beach all day because that's really what you want to do.

My dad is a social butterfly through and through and if he doesn't know someone where we are (which is highly unlikely) then he will make conversation with them until he does. I was a very shy youngin but he rubbed off on me after a while. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard, if you think they are a scumbag after then so be it but they at least deserve to speak their piece.

Go hug your daddy. Send him a card. Pick up the phone. Or shoot him a little prayer.



Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because I said so

There really is no reason for this picture other than I met the friggen Cookie Monster!
E isn't a fan of giant stuffed things so even Cookie was a bit intimidating but I couldn't wait to hop next to him! Big Bird on the other hand not so much.

Just because I haven't complained about this in a while... I need to run. I'm slow and slow and slow. I do kick some butt at ab stuff though! If I can keep up with Superman sometimes even a little I call it a win.

I am on the hunt for a new Galaxy case, I'm picky and indecisive and get bored within 2 seconds. I also need to find the screen protector that I had...wah wah wah it died and was my fav.

I'm on a DD kick. Donuts probably don't help my donut but it's my glimmer in the morning after cleaning up dog poop and finding damn spiders ALL OVER THE PLACE. Another reason to not permanently reside in the south.

Well I do believe that is all for today. I think there are a couple work related adventures I can do and then home for a cake and some bowling with my favorite 7 yr old! Yes you heard it here folks the mini super has turned 7. Balloons all around. 



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

98 degrees

No not the band!

It's hot out, welcome to the south. Now I will give all of you a friendly reminder...
If I could take every single person that fried a kid or dog because they were too lazy to take them inside with them or take them home first and put them in a black box on black top for an hour I would. Windows cracked don't work. Don't be a dummy.

In all other news. This girl right here is craving a huge City Brew coffee, actually two, one hot and one cold and then a cookie and a french toast bagel. I need some City Brew in my life. If you are back home in the 406 please stop by and drink one for me.

I have jumped onto the Candy Crush bandwagon. Am I wrong or is it just like Bejeweled? It is slightly addicting though.

Alright my lovelies, I should be working so I will get back to that. Have a wonderful day of the hump and hopefully I fill you full of memories tomorrow!



Monday, June 10, 2013

You know it's a Monday when....

I'm usually a Tuesday hater but today I am joining the rest of the world and I'm despising Monday.

Thanks to the ultimate pooping boxer combined with the Katy Perry (hot then cold) husband and me not being able to get comfortable there was little to no sleep happening in our room and I really could have used that sleep.

My hair is a wreck and I'm wearing the most comfy work attire I could find.

Chobani and water just isn't cutting it and a donut and coffee sound pretty darn amazing right now.

Superman hasn't texted me in an hour so I'm assuming that he also decided to bail on his morning jog and curled up in his Army issued man cave instead to catch a couple Zzzz's. I'm happy and jealous all at the same time.

Now I shall work. Bugging people about turning things in just sounds like an awesome work day!