Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm a slacker and a snacker!

Holy wow things have been busy around here! Loving it all but crazy busy.

Friday was the beginning of mini weekend! I missed them and forgot how different boys and ages can be. I still wouldn't trade them for anything.

Saturday we went up to look out point on the pass. The tween didn't have that great of a time because if I remember correctly trees and mountains are not cool at that age. E champion puked 3 times, thank you very much car sickness that has been passed down from me to her. The little mini has fun doing pretty much anything and was chasing chipmunks and trying to fall of mountains like any little boy should do.

Sunday was a swim day. A blast was had by all and the big mini even got me down a water slide :-) He's an amazing kid. 

Superman and I did sneak ice cream cookie sandwiches in the kitchen while the kids were in the living room because we are evil parents like that and there were only 2 and we didn't want to share.

Yesterday I went to work, picked E up from daycare (thank you summertime fever and cold), waited for Superman to get done working on his amazing upper body muscles and then headed back to work.  After work it was a head out to my parents kinda night so that I could be my mothers personal insurance agent. I think I should charge her after hours.....

E woke up with a fever again today so we are home and chilling. The big mini and Superman are currently at the store for milk and the little mini is killing zombies while E sleeps next to me on the couch while I catch everybody up on my busy uneventful life!

One thing that I was reminded of this weekend....everything happens at once. Bad stuff that is, and yes it still comes in 3's because we have 3 grown adults in our life that act more immature than the 4 yr old in the house. Please somebody tell me it'd be ok the tie them all together and drop them in a secluded location. Or at least find some magic "Grow up and move on" potion. Ugh the grown humans are way more exhausting than the little ones could ever be.

I need a kitty treadmill. The things are getting fat. The vet is going to have a cow. End.



P.S. Much sorries for the lack of postings lately, if work wasn't so goll darn busy all the time I could totally blog from there! I will try and reserve a few minutes every night to keep up with the world.


  1. Try to cut back on the cat food and the treats!

    1. Oh they are very rationed out and only get treats when Im trying to bribe them back into the house when they sneak out into the garage!


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