Monday, December 2, 2013

Habitual offender

We are creatures of habit, always have been and always will. So I want to know what you do every single day. Saturday, Tuesday or in the middle of a sick and deathly tired drone. Do you stop for coffee at the same spot every morning? Drive the same way to work? Or maybe it's as simple as double checking the bathroom light. There is something and maybe a couple things. I want to know!

Every day I...
1. Pee as soon as I wake up. I can be deathly ill and not able to form words and I will get up to pee, even if I don't have to.

2. I have to shower every day, if for some unforeseen circumstance prohibits me from doing so I am off for at least 3 days. I can't get right again. 

3. I tell Superman and E I love them. E may be driving me bonkers, walking too slow and not listening but I do it anyways because in that day and moment she may drive me nuts, but I still love her. Same with Superman, he may be at the top of my 'areyouserioulsykiddingmerightnow' list but he still gets an I love you. I even make sure to throw it out there after an argument. It's true and people need to hear it. 

4. The music gets turned on as soon as my butt hits the seat in my car. I don't care if I'm driving around the block, I must have the noise. 

Your turn! 

Happy Monday and I hope your Thanksgiving was delightful. Also it is December I am welcoming lights, carols, trees and presents. Go!