Thursday, July 5, 2012

When she's happy and you know it...

Clap your hands!!!

I'm sorry folks but there is nothing better than a happy woman. Regardless of if it's me or one of my good friends. To be able to see her smile through a text and feel the energy from across the country is one of the sweetest things a person can experience.

It's finally raining here! With the entire state on fire it's about damn time. It's not a huge down pour that is needed but moisture at this point in the game is all that anyone could ask for. The smell is to die for!

Superman count down is getting so close I can feel it! Now if my damn Id would show. Like tomorrow. Everybody say a little pretty please for me.

Olive Garden is officially out of business, ok not yet because I need their bread sticks still, but I have managed to mimic their 5 cheese ziti! Woot woot!

I'm curious about my new/old neighbor. Old as in age and duration as he's been here since before me, new as in I think he finally retired and has been home for a week. Our back yards face and so do our picture windows so each night when everybody opens their houses it's full view of kitchen and living room. The first couple of days he was home he was doing odd things like moving his table and chairs different places in his kitchen and now he's back to normal things like reading and dishes. P.S. he has no tv, I think I might be slightly envious that he does not need the television.

That is all from nosy Nancy...peace,


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