Friday, July 6, 2012

You could only get this from me...

I just spent a whole minute trying to open my new bottle of Captain. Huge thanks to a very wonderful nestie for sending it to me in a care package :-)

Reason for why I'm drinking tonight:

1. I have more motivation and desire to clean why house when I'm slightly buzzed. Why? I will never know but I can scrub floors and vacuum like a nesting preggo while on the Captian.

2. It's been a very long week. So long in fact that I'm already dreading Monday and it's still Friday.  I am ready for a vacation.

3. No Superman communication is eating at me. Hard. Need. Superman. Now!

4. My phone is pissing me off something fierce. Do not get a Droid. I hate mine with a passion. 2 more months and this beez is out!

5. Hopefully it will help me sleep some. Insomnia sucks and without a Superman shoulder this girl does not sleep more than 2 hrs straight. Sad panda.

Confession! On the 4th we were at Auntie Duh's house letting the girls swim in between the parade and firework show. Bff, Auntie Duh and I were sitting in the pergola talking and random me brings up my festive "firecracker" undies. Very cute VS undies that had "firecracker" written across the butt. So I decided that they needed to see them. So after checking to make sure grandpa was still in the house I lift up my dress and show them. Only to hear grandpa walking out the door, full view of my butt, saying "Too late". Muahahahaa! Good thing he loves me and knows I'm a weirdo!

Ok, E's in bed, the Captain is hitting and Im headed of to bleach some bathrooms, do some dishes and clean my room!


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