Friday, June 15, 2012

The new life.

Chaos here we come!

My life has never been dull and now it’s for sure that it isn’t going to let up anytime soon. I am knee deep in the military life. I am uncertain of where I will be living, when it will be and I have no idea when I might find out any of this information. Yay! I am such a planner; I like knowing dates and times of things months and months in advance especially for big things. After the first couple months of freaking out I have given up on it and we are winging it. I will have to adopt the mantra of “Hurry up and Wait”.

E is beyond excited.  She asks every morning how many more days we have until Superman comes home and we get to move.

It’s Friday and there are two bottles of wine sitting in the back of the office patiently waiting for a pre-game while the bridal party is out to dinner. 7 o’clock can’t come soon enough; I really need me some wine. Yes I am trying to be classy and rewine myself. Wish a girl some luck!

Everybody have a safe and happy daddy’s day weekend!



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