Monday, March 19, 2012

What is your typical day?

A lot of people hear about my life and say "gosh you're busy". Am I really? I don't think so. I am pretty sure my day to day is pretty boring. How about you decide?

Alarm goes off. As of now and having a snugly Superman next to me I rarely (please read once a month) get up on time. I am bound and determined to get up like I'm supposed to next week.

An hour and a half later E and I should be headed to daycare. Which also rarely happens, if I leave on time like I'm supposed to I show up to work early and am able to not run around with my head chopped off. On the couple days a month this happens it's usually a pretty darn good day.

I work here with all the files and phone calls and hilariousness of my clients until my brain is dead and then it's headed out to pick up the E.

Depending on the day of the week E and I might have something to do. We have kettle bell one night and dance another, the other days (after Superman leaves) we will squeeze in more gym time or bestie time.

Weekends are a free for all. We kinda do whatever we want, besties , grandparents , minis , park, movie or hanging at home hopefully cleaning.

See friends my life isn't that exciting! It's normal and average and boring....Just the way I like it.

Happy I was only 4 minutes late to work today Monday!


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