Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long hot weekend!

Ugh! As much as I love my weekends more than 2 birds in love I am glad this one has rounded itself up.

Friday night was a much need eat homemade noodles with a ton of butter and drink a bottle of wine while watching Brother Bear 2 (alone, yes, don't judge me).  I wrote a wonderfully thoughtful, sweet and lovey letter to Superman and passed out around 11.

Saturday was the wonderful Miss Taryn's wedding! Woohoo for weddings! I have decided that Superman's and my wedding will not be big, as small as we can get it without just heading to the courthouse. It all turned out beautifully though and they looked sooo happy together! I did learn that I now can cry during vows and during the first dance...missing my soldier something fierce!

Today was a bestie day! I love bestie days with all my might. We took the girls to the new water park (really rad pool really). They had a blast and we all came away pink and tired from the sun and fun. I may or may not have spent a few minutes actually looking at swimsuits online. I told myself I'd never put this stretch marked body into one ever again but I really think my giveadamn is busted on that one.

I am tired. My kitchen is finally clean. I have fully rehydrated myself and I need to go write a Superman letter before heading off to dream land.



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