Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

My household is the reason shatterproof ornaments were made. The cats have already managed to climb to the top of it a handful of times. Between E and them I have put half of the ornaments back on the tree. The fake "needles" from the tree are strewn throughout all 3 floors and I look like I got party boy'd by 4 strippers thanks to all the glitter. All in all Christmas is in full swing in our house. Gifts should be arriving this coming week via El Target (thank you online shopping for saving my sanity). Now all I have to do is make some "presents" for decorating and find some awesome idea for my stairs and my entry way into my kitchen. Better homes and garden here I come!

Hope all of you had a magical Thanksgiving with your turkey hangys and booze bellies. Please be prepared that tomorrow is Monday. Yes, the dreaded start of another work week.

Love, hugs and finally turtle doves!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hamster vs Cat.

It's becoming a real live episode of Tom and Jerry in my household. We replaced the hamster and the cats are having a friggen hay day with the thing!!! New hamster, no name yet, is very sweet though and doesn't hiss and piss like the former one. That's always a plus, I will be taking bets on how long the thing lives though, so if you'd like to put your guess in my comments section I will refer back when the thing dies or runs away like our first hamster.

Tomorrow is the most overlooked holiday of the year. Everybody is too busy worrying about saving $10 on something they don't really need and wouldn't have bought otherwise. We worry too much about what we're gonna wear and how we're going to avoid that crazy family member. Instead we should be focusing on the good in our life. The great things that make us happy every day. Like the roof over our heads, the clothes on our backs, the heat and electricity, the conveniences of having a vehicle and a job to pay the bills. For wonderful friends and family. Thank the moments that we can't forget and the ones that shaped us into today. Hug everybody near to us and open our hearts to others that may bless us with many more great memories. Thanksgiving, where we should give thanks for what we have been given.

On a not as sappy note...I think I'm losing it. Really. I have decided to completely revamp my holiday decor. I have been a solid blue and silver person for the last 3 years running, I'm looking more towards a classic red and gold vibe. Elegance and perfection. Why I decorate up the wazoo for Christmas and am anal about how it looks is beyond me. My bathroom is constantly a mess and my clothes strewn all over the floor in my room, but my tree has to be perfectly perfect and everything has to match. Please read as: Crazy lady that makes sure her wrapping paper coordinates with the tree.

So a wonderful wonderful day to all of you lovelies and I hope you get to hug all the family and friends you can, drink as much adult beverages as possible and get a turkey hangover. It's a must I'm afraid. If you're on a diet this is the day to forget about it and have some fun!

Love and white meat,


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Monday, November 21, 2011

A half a bottle of wine down so here we go....

Hola my beautiful people! I know there's only like 5 of you and hopefully at least 3 you have missed my mindless babble.

Things have been hectic around here! Holy life changing madness. The positive? Things are actually going my way and even through all the shitty hazy bullshit I finally see the light.

Short preview: my running has fallen off the map, my wine consumption has increased, my daughter is still as firkin hilarious as ever, I am still madly in love with my job and my crazy clients, my friends have been the best ever, I'm enjoying this snow and the holidays are here (that might be my favorite).

Running is a new love, but it's kinda like that boyfriend that is great on date nights but there's just so much crap in your life it's hard to make time for him...scheduling at least 2 date nights a week.

Wine, the root of all evil. I once thought whiskey and tequila were my enemy. Nope! This damn wine has kicked my ass over and over again, maybe I'm too manly? I still keep trying though because I'm not a quitter and even though I can drink rum and beer all night and have a margarita for breakfast (I swear I've only done this once) wine will make me feel like that first drunk every time. Any suggestions or was I just raised with too many boys?

My job. My wonderful wonderful job. Raise your hand if you love your place of employment. (Whoever really did this please comment) Do I love my clients? Yes. Do I sometimes want to shake them and make them understand? Yes.  Do I love all the people I work with? No, but I think that's normal in an office with 7 women in 1000 sq ft. It's not always going to be rainbows and butterfly farts. What my boss was thinking by saddling himself a tiny office with all these women is beyond me, funny thing is he doesn't seem to know either.

Snow and holidays go hand in hand, I am very very sad for people who live in places where they don't have sweaters and scarves and snow and cold for Christmas. No sledding or snowmen, no snowball fights or freezing fingers around hot cocoa. I love the energy and gleam of the holiday season, the hustle and bustle the love and passion and even the crazy. When you stop believing in Santa the magic kinda fades away, but have a kid and all of your greatest memories come flooding back in tear filled memories of glee. Being Santa also makes you crazy because sometimes you forget that Santa is supposed to be bringing your child the hottest toy on the market and have to scramble and have a small heart attack while trying to find said present and then you spend a stupid amount on a "starter pack" because all you want is the one damn item.

Friends, right behind family are the most amazing gifts anybody could ever ask for. The ones who don't judge, who let you ramble on and on even when you make no sense and the ones that miles away are willing to kick some ass. The girls that pass the bottle of wine and poor you an extra glass, the guys that call to make sure you're still doing ok. That best friend that knows everything without you even telling her, and the man friends who put their penises away for a while and let you be one of the guys. To you friend that even if I need to cry, laugh or just be silent, you are still just as patient as day one and always answer the phone even when you know I'm about to be a drama queen.

Miss E, my wonderful little mini me, who every day inspires me to be a much better mommy and person. She gives every moment a little more hope and every tear a little more meaning. Never without a cunning little comment and a sweet new song.

Cheers to being back to the blog world! (I promise I will hang around more often).

Love and peppermint sticks <3


P.S. This girl has a blog that puts mine to shame!! So here's a plug for the wonderful Granny :-)