Monday, July 2, 2012

All over oreos and ice cream.

Happy Monday is over!

I am tired, exhausted if you will. Weekend was long and not the greatest I have ever experienced.

I lost my Id Friday which will result in me praying to the sweet baby DMV Jesus that my new one gets here in a week like they have in the past. I do not want to fight with TSA people and a paper Id. I really really don't and do you think this girl would have kept old ones? Oh hell no that would have been way to easy! Ugh.

Magic Mike sucked. Yes hot naked men dancing is great, but the movie was awful. End.

Im finally doing laundry because I don't think I have anything to wear to work tomorrow. Ok, really I do but it's something that I would have to accessorize and dress up and be cute in and honestly that is not sounding too appealing right now.

Tonight while doing dishes I realized just how excited I still get when the Dawn dish soap makes little bubbles if you tip and squeeze just right. It's like bubble wrap, I don't think one could ever lose the kid love for such a thing.

I have no patience waiting for Superman visitation (kinda makes him sound like an inmate). After he left the first couple weeks sucked while I dealt with my emotions and got into my groove. Things got easier to manage and then a couple weeks before I got to see him it was almost worse than when he left. Welcome to that lovely feeling again. I can't sleep, I cry at the drop of the hat, and every single thing reminds me of him. These next few days better hurry the crap up otherwise Im pretty sure everybody in my life is going to disown me and shitty attitude.

Aren't I just a rainbow fart tonight?


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