Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Terrorist Tuesday is back!

Like Eminem said "Well I'm back, dana na na na na na na na"....

Summer was busy! It was spouse time after all. Children were all in MT and Superman and I had 2 whole months to just be a couple. It went fast and I think we did a pretty good job of making the most of our time. 

Since Terrorist Tuesday is usually a whine fest I'm going to whine about how shitty I have gotten with money. I NEED to stop buying shit I don't need, like Starbucks 3x a week and Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins (my ass will thank me as well I'm sure), which leads me into my spending freeze.

SMD over at Life According to Steph is doing a Wallet Watch for October. If you jump over there you will get an idea of how things work plus she's a pro and has done a few watches and freezes. Go to her search tab and enter spending freeze.

I am going to try the full on freeze. Here are my rules:

1. Freeze lasts from October 1- October 31.
2. No breakfasts or lunches out; including coffee runs. I am allowing myself 1 dinner out a week (we are really bad about this). This will not include October 4-5, we have a mini vaca and there will be meals out due to travel and family gatherings.
3. No unwarranted purchases! If it isn't necessary it doesn't get purchased. This does not count the rest of costumes for Halloween or fall fun (pumpkin patch and corn maze). 

I will be logging all of my oopsies and hopefully not wanting to kick myself at the end. I will be back November 3rd to tell you of my travels!

I highly encourage a spending watch or freeze. It's always nice to get rid of the unnecessary and put a little extra cash back into your pocket.

Remember to not over do it. If you and a friend do dinner weekly or you and a coworker do lunch on Tuesday, build that in. This is for all the laziness of stopping somewhere instead of taking the extra 30 seconds at home to make a sandwich for lunch or push the button on the Keurig.