Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday observations.

Disney Junior is my new fav. Not because I enjoy endless Oso, Mickey, and Bubble Guppies, but because I can successfully clean for 30 min without being interrupted.

Measure cabinets before going to Target for plastic bins you are hoping will fit in said cabinet.

Vacuuming can and will get annoying when you have done it 3 times in 48 hrs.

My pectoral muscles (please read as musk-uls) are beyond sore. I am not looking forward to kb tomorrow. I think I'll kick box tonight in efforts to limber me up a bit.

Now that I'm waiting on a phone call every second of ever day it is possible to hyperventilate over not being able to find your phone.

After planning on going to the park today and not getting there due to errands and having a super lazy child (believe me this only happens twice a year I'm very grateful for it today) we didn't make it. It did pop a wonderful little diddy into my head randomly though...Have you ever tried to get a child to stop playing at a park? Whether its to go potty, eat, or the worst....leave, it's absolutely the hardest thing on the planet. Really it's like trying to have a conversation with your significant other while you're completely nude. It's impossible. They are far too distracted by swings or boobs and want to hear nothing you are saying and plan on doing their own thing anyways. 



P.S. We dyed eggs today! I love holidays with kids!

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  1. As I read this Michael is fighting to get Paxton inside for bed, first off of the four wheeler, then he was distracted by the swings, then the slide, then the jeep, now how knows what.


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