Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh Wednesday......

I need a caffeine IV this morning. If none of this blog makes sense, you now know why.

I have magical red hair. It’s not the gorgeous real red like I’m so very jealous of but a fun magenta! My bestie decided that it would be a good idea and even though I was scared I let her do it and as always she was right and it kicks some ass!

My toes glow in the dark. Last week I let E pick out a new nail polish and she picked a Shrek colored green. Cute and funky enough for a 4 year old so we went with it. Well last night after being in the bathroom for before bed rituals I turned the light off and while trying not to trip over a cat looked down and BAM! Glow in the friggen dark nails. I was pretty excited and then had to show E this morning. She wasn’t as thrilled as I thought she would be. I will push the matter later; glow in the dark is cool.

Got a miss you text this morning J

Vacation soon and I’m already in the mindset. I’m trying really hard to focus and concentrate, it’s proving to be a huge challenge. The ladies I work with are having some fun with it though.

Weight loss is going great! Im down 11 lbs since Superman’s hiatus and this is one happy girl. However, the boobs are leaving along with the flab; not too ok with that.

Peace out girl scouts,


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I may or may not have...

Just drank a half gallon of milk.
Ate donuts for dinner.
Teared up over Octonauts.
Left my shoes lay aimlessly in the kitchen.
Not taken the garbage out because it was still half empty and dragging it 30 ft seemed exhausting on my lunch.
DVR'd Oliver and Company, not for E but me.
Spent more money at AE.
Vacuumed 3 days in a row because I really enjoy it.
Already started a mental packing list for my Superman visit.

Did you know that I have now been without a microwave for 6 months and I don't think I'll ever need one again! I feel all rustic and stuff.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Well looky here!

Why hello! I have been gone. Sad panda :-(  Superman asked how my blogs were going and it made me realize how much of an awful blogger I have been! So to play some catch up into my boring life...

First some serious business! Am I the only one that looks great when I walk out of the house in the morning and by the end of the day I'm a complete train wreck. For a while I was giving E guff for coming home from school looking like a homeless child until I looked in the mirror today on my way to pick her up. I went to work today with my hair perfectly straight and not a strand awry, it was in a messy bun on top of my head as soon as I hit the time clock. I had on the cutest pair of pumps, I was now barefoot. My red cardigan (that works very well with my blond hair if I do say so myself) was in a heap on the seat next to me with bra straps hanging out from under my tank. I was a serious mess, now I wonder why E looked at me crazy every time I called her a wreck; momma was a wreck herself. The evil tricks the office will play on you.

Last week my little angel got her very first dance pictures taken! She is a hot or cold picture taker. There is no iffy picture. She is either pure model or crying mess. Well thank the good lord that we hit these ones on a good day! She was an absolute doll and I will have to wallpaper the house in them I'm sure.

You know you need to clean out your panty drawer when the thing is overflowing even after not doing laundry for a week. I might want to tackle that one soon....Scary thing is that if I get rid of the old ones I will be very tempted to fill the drawer with new ones! Ahhh the panty debacle.

E is on a Disney kick. Super great for me because it's like reliving my 4th year of wonderment all over again except I have watched Pocahontas at least 30 times in the month of May already and the dang thing has another week left! Either she needs to start like Cinderella or The Little Mermaid or momma's gonna go a little nutso.

I have a lot of pent up me going on. I'm like a little ball of crazy on a normal day and when you don't let the ball bounce off the walls at least once a day things start to get a little outta control. The ladies at work are probably about ready to kill me and everybody pray for Superman's sanity when he see's me. He's already been warned that he will have months of Jess coming at him. BAM! Crazy girl.

And the countdown begins...



P.S. Do not let your dermatologist put acid on your finger. It sucks a week and a half down and the thing makes me want to lose a digit. Count to 10 with that one...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend rant.

Sooo as everybody in this wonderful town is aware...the PBR is here. So of course everybody is wearing their cowboy boots for the first time this year and putting their bimbo girlfriends in her fake boots and too short dresses in their big trucks because they think it's hot. How hot Mr. Cowboy-for-a-day is it going to be when your girlfriend has a vehicular manslaughter charge and your brand new truck is smashed to pieces? Not so super great! I'm sorry but some girls should not drive trucks. I'm a suck driver but when I drive Superman's truck I do drive nicer then when I'm in my clown car. Ugh stupid girls.

Also I hate having to get groceries at the first of the month, I usually plan better but milk and yogurt are necessities and we were out. I almost wanted to kill somebody today and I was wishing Walmart had hard liquor about half way through. I shouldn't judge, but I'm in a slightly shitty mood and I'm going to.

We are another week down on the Superman countdown! Cheers!

I want to

Beastly with the bestie last night was cute, even though she fell asleep half way through ;-) I loves my bestie.

Sorry for the hiatus!



P.S. Elroy the bunny had a baby! We have a baby bunny running around our backyard...he's soo wittle and cute and in definite need of baby talk whenever I see his tiny little snuggly wuggly baby bunny ears.