Monday, September 17, 2012

Forgive me...

I purchased and wore animal print. In public. For more than 5 minutes.  All for my best friend because that's what best friends do.  I do have the most amazing one in all the land ;-)

I found a candle (Febreze of some sort) the other weekend while shopping. I go to light it up and guess the frick what?!?! It smells just like Superman! Made my world right then and there in the middle of my kitchen in my sweat pants and hair a wreck.

I love me some mac n cheese.

My hair is finally long enough that I can bobby pin it into a messy bun thing! This makes me happy.

E is amazing as always :-) Such a mini person with her own personality and attitude and mannerisms that make me proud and happy. She speaks her mind and knows more than a 4 yr old should. We are dealing with Superman being gone one day at a time and she has her good and bad days just like I do. Scary thing is we usually have them at the same time. Please someone tell me how I'm not supposed to break down when your baby is a sobbing mess because her Superman isn't home and you can't give her how many days until he will be.

My weight loss mommies and I are back on the wagon and before all these holidays and yummy food hits I need a routine in a bad way. Superman can't have a flabby woman on his mmmmm muscled arm ;-)

We have survived Monday. Tuesdays are usually worse and with it being my office mom's Friday because she is headed on a long deserved vacation it is bound to be a huge disaster. Which also means the rest of the week will be as well. Woohoo for me! Wish me luck!



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