Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another week in the books!

A lot has happened in a week!

A crazy busy week at work started my Monday.

Tuesday was full of best time which was very much needed after 2 whole weeks without her!

Wednesday brought us home Superman! Our house is now full and normal once again. E of course expected a moving date when he got home so explaining that it's not until he comes home again was a slight disappointment but she knows some dates so she's good to go.

Thursday and Friday were work for me while Superman got to relearn how to be a civilian.

Swimming yesterday left E more golden brown then before (if that's even possible), myself a little pink and poor Superman has some serious burn going on. Guess that's what happens when you've only got an ACU tan to work with.  I did however brave a bikini for the first time since before E!

Today was out to my parents. Good family time, a little bit of sprinkles and the CUTEST 10 day old puppies! My aunt is foster mommy for them until they can be adopted out and I fell in love.

Headed to work in a few again and then home for a tuck in for E and Superman movie time. I love having him home again. I am once again complete.



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