Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh the things we do...

As I sit here right now it's 54 degrees with 31 mph freezing arse winds. I do have to venture out for groceries at some point today and I'm not so sure that I really want to. After all we have pudding and noodles, what more do E and I need to survive?

As much as I love being busy all the time, I equally love my slow, relaxing, boring weekends. The days when E and I don't even attempt to shower until 10 and maybe leave the house but only because we are certain that we cannot survive another minute without brownies or ice cream. We watch every Disney movie in our collection and not accomplish anything that we had planned to. Our lives are constant Monday through Friday 7-6 that it's kinda nice sometimes to not have a schedule or a plan.

Which brings me to my new found favorite. "Winging it". I've always been a meticulous planner. If I could have it my way I would have Christmas for next year planned already. It's been a big adjustment for me trying to let go of my plans when things don't happen like I had figured they would. Even though it drives me nuts and I get flustered and go a little psychoo I'm always reminded that things always end up turning out just as good if not better than they would have. Its those people that remind me it's ok that I couldn't live without.

Those great people that don't mind seeing me cry because they have been there to laugh with me many more times. They will show up in the middle of the night even if we haven't talked in months. A simple phone call in the middle of the day can turn my mood around. Funny nicknames and some sweet ones too. They know when I'm happy or when I'm sad but never push with the hard questions just let me know that they are there for me whenever I do need to talk. They never judge or make fun even when they probably should.

So here's to a wonderful rest of my life with the people that truly do love me and don't mind winging it and making it work through the hard and easy times.

Happy holyfriggenitsforrealthatthesnowiscoming weekend!!!



P.S. Everybody quit being creepy fucking clowns for Halloween!!! I want to kick you square in your face!!! Ewwwww.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you a helicopter parent to a teacup child?

Somebody turned me onto this blog a month or so ago and I fell in love.

Our poor society has everybody so scared and so "safe" that nobody is getting the chance to have fun!  I admit to worrying about my daughter when she's out and about, but that would never make me restrict her from the things I thoroughly enjoyed doing as a kid. I'm not anti-safety but I'm not going to be anti-fun either.

Reading through the blog there are so many things that make me irate with how crazy people have gotten! No more balloons? No more riding your bike 2 blocks to school? No more swings on playgrounds? I am very glad I live where I live and this hasn't come to every ones attention as being the "in" parenting method.

I had to wear a life jacket and a helmet when I was younger, but I was allowed on the trampoline and we would climb on top of our swing set as others were swinging and no it was not cemented into the ground (you know how it gets to rocking) :-) We always had a scrape or a bruise of some sort and they usually weren't found until a couple days after it happened and nobody could remember where they came from. My little brothers and I used to float the ditches during the summer since we didn't have pool (we did this during the day while my parents were both working) and we climbed trees and rode our horses bareback. We walked 9 blocks from daycare to school when we were in the 3rd and 1st grade and were never abducted or raped.  The boys only had stitches a couple times and I don't recall many broken bones. We had a blast being kids and learned how to deal with sticky situations on our own. We were independent and enjoyed being outside.
We always made fun of the home schooled children (no offense to any of you) that were stuck to mommy's side for the first 18 years of their life and then when they went off to college and into the real world they went crazy wild and spent 8 straight months drinking, having sex and doing drugs because they hadn't been subjected to anything and didn't know how to be social. This is what these people are subjecting their children too! I'm not saying because you won't let them walk to the park with their friends that they are going to be drug addicts but I am hinting at that they may never have friends because they aren't allowed to do anything or when they do leave your house (if they ever get the balls to do so because the world is evil) they won't come back because they will realize that parks aren't really filled with rapists and hoodlums. What fun is it for a kid to have mom attached to their back pocket 24/7? Oh ya!! None!!

So strap a helmet on your kid but let them ride over to their friends house and don't call them every 2 minutes on the way.  Let your kid be a kid and if you have talked them through tough situations and what to do if they need help, they will be ok! We can't teach our kids life out of a book and off movies, they have to go out there experience it and live it to THEIR fullest potential.

A little fun digging:

Opinionated Tuesday goodnights,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Booger baby

My fb wall is constantly full of E-isms. Ranging from sweet little girl things to off the wall statements too complex for my daughters mind. Yesterday she randomly walked up to me with "I would like to go to the beach please".  I love every minute and I can't get over how much every day is perfectly perfect with her. We are two peas in a pod, with just a slight difference in age. Im pretty sure if we were the same age we would be the best of friends.

Not only am I proud of the little person she is becoming, Im also scared that she's growing up to be an indepenent girl. As a mom I love seeing her become her own person and develope her own personalilty and mannerisms, but every day she needs me less makes me a little sad. She's such a little mini me and everybody laughs and loves when they see us interact, but I don't want her to go through what I did. No mom wants their daughter to love and lose and leave and be left, to miss out of laughs and be surrounded by tears, of course it got me here and got me her, but I want to keep her young and innocent forever.

So here's to the wonderfulness I call my daughter the wonderful Miss E:

"Girls are mean so I am just friends with those boys now"

"That (cotton) is my pixie dust because Im a cooler fairy than Tinkerbell".

"Daddy digs big rocks and momma works with craaazy people". Yes booger :-) Oh and when she grows up she wants to be..."Beautiful".

E is eating a gogurt and is using her toes...

Me: Ellie you're awesome.
E: Ya! And my hairs pretty

E: good job mom for using your blink lights! ...yep even the 3yr old knows im a horrible driver

"Guess what? I've got my dad's ears

E: What day is it? Me: Wednesday. E: Wednesday! What am I supposed to wear on Wednesday?!

According to E: You are old when you can cut a big pizza and bushes are smooshed trees.

"Mom I think ill only be cool when I get to go fly in a plane"

I told E we were going to see Miss Amie and baby and she goes "did she finally eat enough food for him to come out?" Yes :-) lol

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall friday.

Leaves, cold and pumpkins galore! How can someone not love the 50 degree temps which are perfect for sweaters and blankets and eating anything and everything pumpkin.

Please go out and enjoy at least 3 of these this weekend:

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks
2. Pumpkin spice Kisses.
3. Pumpkin pie. I hate pie but love pumpkin pie.
4. Pumpkin cheesecake, Costco seriously needs to not only bring this out a week before Thanksgiving.
5. Go buy a new sweater. Cuddle up in it and love every second.
6. Jump in a huge pile of leaves. Promise me, this never gets old.
7. Pick out some pumpkins!!! Pumpkin patches are like piles of leaves, they are always awesome.
8. Drink your morning cup of coffee on your deck with your new sweater on.
9.Carve your pumpkins! If you're getting really ambitious you can even bake the seeds.
10. If you have a fireplace get it started. Then sit in front of it with a book or companion of choice with your latte in hand and a bowl of kisses beside you and enjoy.

Heck even if you do one of these it will be sure to make your weekend good.

Have a wonderful weekend my fellow week workers and enjoy the footballs also! Remember GO LSU!

Love and pumpkins,


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old pictures and new dreams.

I love looking through old pictures, so my SD card on my D-roid taking a crap was a blessing in disguise last night. I of course had a minor break down and then realized that my old berry had a healthy SD card.  I uploaded them all and had a memory session, it was perfect.

Miss E at 16 months
My little booger with a vocab of 25 words, learning how to run and being "cute" was one of the treasures I found. I can't get over how little and precious she was!

I found another picture that will be unmentionable for the time being but has great meaning right now. I don't even remember taking it, but last night it was a perfect find. I am a huge believer in fate and everything happening for a reason and last nights picture confirms it. "Picture" makes me ok that someday things will be just how they are supposed to be. Sappy, sentimental and a little girly? Yes, maybe so, but I love it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday voice.

I feel really bad for people that got saddled with annoying, nails on a chalkboard voices.  Think Miley Cyrus mixed with a whiny toddler getting pinched between two very large earth movers.  Then imagine not being able to turn it off, there is no volume dial, no mute button or off switch. WE'RE SCREWED!

In other news LSU and the Cats won this weekend.

I had a great girls night (minus Heather's stalker).

E got her first pumpkin of the season. Because when you're a kid you try to knock out as many pumpkins as possible, you make sure you get at least one a week for the entire month of October and the small ones are great but you have to have a ginormous shouldbeabletofit inside pumpkin also.

I burnt a dozen cookies.

I used the crock pot.

I got lost in the freezing cold darkness last night on my walk. Yep don't take me hunting we will be that headline for the fall. "Stupid ass blond girl with gun in woods=lost".

Good Monday mateys!



Ps. Yes we are being pirates today.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friggen liar girls.

Girls are liars...

I'm talking about the ones that pretend not to like certain girl things. Sad sappy love movies, flowers, presents, love notes, sweet texts and calls, candles, smell good things and cute undies. If you are a girl and think that by telling guys you don't like these things makes you more attractive, you're wrong, it makes you look like you're trying to hide your wang.

I have just enough testosterone in me to enjoy a good game of football, pick beer over wine, hate snuggling and be able to belch with the best of them. This however does not mean I do not enjoy girl things. I will max out my credit card on new undies even though my drawer is overflowing and I have debated getting rid of other clothes just to have another undie drawer. I do not mind buying shoes I will wear only twice a year and I currently have a crush on a $900 purse. Good morning and good night texts and calls will make my day and you can always win me over with a big bouquet of lilies.

So ladies keep up the lies about his new hair cut that you absolutely hate, or his favorite shirt that makes him look homeless, but please be honest about the goodies. Because when you tell your man you hate cute things, they will listen to this one bit of information and then you can't get pissed off at him later for never sending flowers or scheduling massage days.

Love <3

P.S. Thank you sweet airwaves for giving up on the pop princess era, I tried on lunch to relive the 4th grade with Brittany, Christina and Mandy and I almost threw up a little in my mouth.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Polite young gentlemen and some Christmas lights.

Last night while leaving basketball at the Y with my arms full of E, Zoobles, squeeze applesauce and my purse I was gratefully reminded that some parents do still know how to raise polite young men. While struggling to walk let alone trying to think about how I was going to open the double doors ahead of me, this wonderful young man (maybe 13?) stopped what he was doing with his friends and ran to hold both of them open for me.  I graciously thanked him and got a "You're welcome ma'am have a good evening". I'm young myself but I rarely see this example of kindness on a daily basis anymore. It makes me believe that not all of the young men around aren't headed to jail in 3 years like they seem to be. Call me an old lady but what happened to holding doors open for people, letting them know when somebody dropped something, stopping when somebody is pulled over on the side of the road with their hazards on and just helping somebody when they need it? Have we all gotten so afraid of being nice and courteous that decent manners have flown out this window?

And now....

After wonderful young man opened the door for us, we headed home where we passed a house decked out in full Christmas attire. Lights, wreath on the door and fake lit up candy canes on the walk. E was of course super excited because what kid doesn't love Christmas and all it's glory, but seriously? I'm a firm lover of the holidays, they are amazing with all their great food and friends and family and fun, but they need to be kept in their respectable months. October is for Halloween, please do not decorate for this until October has hit, I do not appreciate ghosts in August. Thanksgiving gets a little more leeway from me because decorating for fall is acceptable once mid September comes in my book. Christmas is the most blown out of proportion holiday ever! They are already are talking about it and evidently decorating for it and it's still 3 months out! I judge people who decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving also, wait 6 friggen days until 12/1 please.

Tuesday is usually crabby, bitch and snatch day...

Good day!