Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's to adventure.

About 50% of my posts are about the office. When you spend 40hrs a week somewhere and you get some colorfulness you are blessed with blog posts :-)

Today we had a rather scary adventure. A man was wandering around the outside of our office for 15-20 minutes. Now where our office is located, you don't come down here unless you need to go into one of the offices, there is nothing of importance. So when a 6' plus tall guy is rooming around hiding behind trees with a guitar and mumbling you freak out a little bit. Downtown I wouldn't think anything of it, but here it's a very very rare occurance and something to worry about. So we called the cops and in the meantime the guy decides to COME INTO THE OFFICE! Yes our office full of women, because Boss Man was gone today. Great so SuperKy comes to the rescue, calms the guy down (he was tweeking good and hard on soemthing), keeps asking him a bunch of questions and makes him a bagel and a cup of coffee. By then the cops show up and take him to the hospital. Of course all of this couldn't happen when Superman was just being a stay at home guy, nope 3 days after he leaves.

I'm doing better today with him being away. It's rough and I'll need to learn how to cope, currently his toothbrush makes me cry, snuggling his pillow is not the same and I hate not seeing his truck in the driveway. Sad face. But he will be back soon! And I think a trip or two is in the works for me heading to the south :-) I'm counting down days and trying to find things to keep me busy. My bff might get tired of me in a couple months ;-)

Love to afar,


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