Monday, November 26, 2012

5 things I want my kids to be good at.

Every parent dreams of a successful and happy child. We currently joke with ours that they need to be something that makes a substantial amount of money so mom and dad can retire early and they can foot the bill. After all we did fork over money left and right for 18 years, so they owe us right? (Just kidding, kind of...)

So here are five things that I want my kids to be good at. Maybe they will make a chunky 7 figures a year, and heck they may work 20 hrs a week for pay for that one room run down apartment just to get by and volunteer the rest of their time away. As long as they are happy and follow these five things I will be the proudest momma ever. (I promised not to adorn the back of my vehicle with proud mom stickers though)

5. Laughter. It enlightens the soul and makes even a bad situation a little bit better. Tough times suck and we will all endure them, but they don't last. We must learn to laugh at anything that can be laughed at and giggle when a belly laugh isn't acceptable. Grab your favorite funny movie, check out YouTube, or call your best friend, laughing for even 5 minutes in the middle of an awful day will make the day great.

4. Crying. I don't want my kids to be drama queens that cry at the drop of a hat. (Trying to break E of this now.) Crying a good cry is acceptable and should be done every once in a while. It clears your emotions and takes a little weight off your shoulders. Hop in the shower or cuddle up in bed and let loose.

3. Being a best friend. Everybody needs that one person that you can tell anything and everything to and they won't judge you. The one you can call at anytime of the day or night and they will talk to you, or they miraculously call you when you need it most just because they had a feeling. Be this best friend and someone will return the favor. If you have a real best friend, they will tell you when your hair looks like shit and your ass is too big for those jeans, these are the real signs.

2. Be humble. The saying "Don't judge me until you have a walked a day in my shoes" is a great thing to live by. You never know what someone else is going through. Be happy with what you have and who you have. You may not have a mansion but if you have food on the table and roof over your head and clothes on your back then you are already a lot better off then a million other people. Be grateful.

1. Love. Love with all your heart. Love yourself before everyone else and do it well. You are the one person you have to deal with forever. Fall in love with that person, all of your flaws and strengths, know that you are the best you that could ever be. Love your family, mom and dad may tell you no, to pick up your room, and ground you when you need it, this means that they love you unconditionally and they are making you a better person. You will not realize this until you have moved away from home. So love them even when they make you mad. Siblings are the same way, I don't care how many fistfights or screaming matches you get into, your brothers/sisters are your greatest fans even when you're not speaking and avoiding each other at all costs. It's a bond greater than no other, love it.

I am all giddy and happy, Goodnight my lovelies!


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