Friday, April 26, 2013

A heartfelt resurface.

I don't blog a lot, which was my original intent. I wanted to be that blogger that had Monday through Sunday covered and didn't even miss a day when sick or there was a death in the family. My life isn't as full of all the great wisdom I thought it was, heck what was I thinking, I'm just finishing up my 23rd year. Ya I've been through a little more than the average 23 year old, but then maybe I haven't. This new lifestyle has humbled me. It's not me against the world, it's me finding my place in the world. I've put a couple major pieces together already and the future looks promising. So hold on while I brag a little about the wonderful in my life.

The wonderful E, she's got attitude and pizazz and a mind full of ideas and perception on her little world. She's not the perfect child, she will scream in public and I have heard the word "no" often lately but she's mine. I may have helped along her picky eating and I let her get away with extra bedtime hugs when she tells me she loves me. I created her and now I am guiding her through life. Being a parent is a full time, all in and whole hearted job. I cherish every moment easy and difficult.

My great husband, or as you all know him, Superman. He is the picture of bad ass. My best friend and biggest support, the dream guy that I had been picturing for years.  We argue over where we are going to dinner and get irritated when I get us lost :-/ Every morning I wake up I smile and every night when I lay my head on the pillow I feel safe.  I have found my other half and I am so happy that I get to go through the rest of my life with him as my partner in crime.

So, I wish all of you not to learn from me, but to be inspired by the beauty in your own world. Have a wonderful weekend and go enjoy your family and friends.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Tuesday nothingness.....

I am eating golden Oreos and drinking Coke.

Today is Tuesday which means it is the worse day of the week. Why Tuesdays are the suck is beyond me, but I can never love a Tuesday.

Tonight will be couch cuddles with Superman and our favorite together movie.

Have a fabulous rest of your day and hopefully this weekend speeds by for my Montana friends and their snow and cold! I will send you some warm weather this summer when the humidity and heat make me want to die.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Mom judging

Making friends is part of life. You start in daycare or preschool while playing with blocks and learning how to share. Kindergarten brings a whole new ball game and you start again. Any time you have to move schools or end up in a different homeroom without your bestie you find a new friend. Once you grow up you hold on to the ones you have and find new one through friends or at work, but being a parent throws a whole new loophole in the equation.

Once you become a parent you immediately start judging every other parent and their kids and how the do things. Everybody says they won't do it and nobody wants it to affect their new friendships but it does. Kids all get along great, except for that evil little one that picks on everyone (judging), so that is not the road bump. Moms are the worst I think, we are constantly judging the other mom who is letting her kid have a binki at the age of 3, is still in diapers at 4, side-eyeing the mom who has the 6 year old screaming for candy in the middle of the store and the 12 yr old's mother that let her walk out of the house dressed like that. We look towards our co-parent and give snide remarks about the situation... HYPOCRITES!

I have always been judged, single mom at the age of 18? Yep, every other mother and their dog has judged me for that one, so you would think I wouldn't judge another, but I do it anyways. It's not because I believe I am the perfect parent, because I am far from perfect. I think it's because we all have our own idea on how kids should be raised and how they should act and in turn it's hard for us to accept someone else's opinion on such a big matter.

So when a mom is trying to befriend another mom it gets tough, we may not agree with how we parent or how each others kids act, it's one of the first things we notice in each other and that can make or break which road our relationship takes. If you have the same discipline and parenting ideas you know that you can go somewhere with them and if a kid gets out of line this other mom isn't going to hide in the corner while you put your kid in time out and take away everything except bread and water(not that harsh I promise) for the next week. I'm not saying you can't be friends with other parents that have different ideas its just harder initially to look past the major part of both of your lives.

Mom judging is on my list of things to fix about myself. Now being a military spouse it's even more imperative to forget all the little things and just be friends.

Happy Friday!