Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh Wednesday......

I need a caffeine IV this morning. If none of this blog makes sense, you now know why.

I have magical red hair. It’s not the gorgeous real red like I’m so very jealous of but a fun magenta! My bestie decided that it would be a good idea and even though I was scared I let her do it and as always she was right and it kicks some ass!

My toes glow in the dark. Last week I let E pick out a new nail polish and she picked a Shrek colored green. Cute and funky enough for a 4 year old so we went with it. Well last night after being in the bathroom for before bed rituals I turned the light off and while trying not to trip over a cat looked down and BAM! Glow in the friggen dark nails. I was pretty excited and then had to show E this morning. She wasn’t as thrilled as I thought she would be. I will push the matter later; glow in the dark is cool.

Got a miss you text this morning J

Vacation soon and I’m already in the mindset. I’m trying really hard to focus and concentrate, it’s proving to be a huge challenge. The ladies I work with are having some fun with it though.

Weight loss is going great! Im down 11 lbs since Superman’s hiatus and this is one happy girl. However, the boobs are leaving along with the flab; not too ok with that.

Peace out girl scouts,


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