Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We have made it!

I should probably to sit down and give a detailed miles by mile trip experience but I'm not. I'm going to tell you that we made it safe and sound and without wanting to kill each other.

3 adults, a four year old and 2 cats in a truck for 2 1/2 days equaling 2200 miles and we survived. Honestly I feel like I should get a gold star. Noone puked or peed themselves. We didn't fight or argue. The last 150 miles were rough because we could smell it but not taste it. Like having a wonderful smelling dinner in the crock but knowing it has to cook for another hour.

My house is still not all the way unpacked, I don't care. I'm missing things to make food with so we'll do an actual with a list trip to the store this weekend probably. I am finally sleeping in my bed accompanied by Superman and E is loving her new digs. The only thing she is worried about is going to school and getting cable. She is settling in wonderfully!

Now onto daycare and job hunting while only having one vehicle!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Packing fail.

Today was supposed to be a day for packing completion. Ya that hasn't happened. I did get E's room done! Does that count?

Packing with a 4yr old is pointless. Every time I threw something in a box, she took it right back out. I gave her little jobs to do like taking her movies out of the cases and putting them in a CD case for the road. She took out 3 and put one in her TV and started watching it. Dirty clothes got put in the packed box and I'm pretty sure some Halloween confetti also got mixed in. I have given up caring. Since her room is done the rest of the house will wait until after she is in bed. Then I will pink Rockstar myself senseless and go to town.

I have about 11 loads of laundry to do and no I'm not exaggerating.

It hailed for about 4 minutes and scared me senseless not only because the last couple of days of work would have been insurance agent hell, but because the garage is full of packed boxes and both vehicles are sitting outside.

Wish me luck and if any of my locals are super bored on Wednesday I would gladly accept some cleaning help :-)



Thursday, October 11, 2012

2 weeks!

Tonight was my last night of lazy before the packing extravaganza begins! Since E has to go with SD for a week I'm going to get us all packed! It will be a lot easier than having to watch a little helper unpack and reorganize with me :-) I did get her tutu for her ghost done! Now just waiting on my wonderful bestie to do her shirt and I'm free sailing.

While we were in PC tonight for Britts volleyball senior night I noticed how old I really am. Kids that were youngins are now graduated or seniors. There are only 3 of my teachers left. Kids I babysat are now dating. One thing is still the same and anyone reading this that went to school there will laugh...there are still box elder bugs in the gym bathrooms!!!

I cry during the national anthem.

I must be on time for work tomorrow. Bob is turning 50!!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dog tags and hair bows

While driving in the truck today Supermans dog tag that he had hung there while on leave reflected some sun and blinded me. At first I cussed it out because it hurt and I do not need to be blinded while driving a large truck in 5 o'clock traffic. On a second glance I realized I had clipped on one of E's hair flowers to it so it wouldn't get stepped on and ruined. A tear hit my eye as I thought of the combination in front of me. The two main people in my life together.

As a single mom you worry about not just how well this new guy is gonna work out for you but also how well he's going to handle all the attitude playing with Barbie in the livingroom. E has always been a guy hater and Superman told me kids were intimidated by him. So imagine my surprise when the first night they meet E sits down right next to him and they start in on a conversation. They had just clicked right before my eyes like Superman and I had done a couple weeks before. They fit.

From then on they have been perfect together. While Superman was gone all E could talk about was him jumping out of planes and how many more days until he came home. When he finally did come home on leave she could care less about her school and friends that she normally looked forward but wanted to stay home every day with him. Now since he left again its "how many days until we move?". I also get pushed away for Skype dates as she insists on telling him numerous times how she loves him. She tells me to keep her boyfriends a secret from him and he is the one she has to call when something cool happens at school.

He is just as adorable. Ya I just called rough and rugged Superman adorable but when it comes to a man completely melting when a 4 yr old girl walks in the room or answers the phone its adorable.

E is so blessed to have such an amazing man in her life for her to look up to, adore and be protected by. They have already made plans for vacations and adventures and I think they came to an understanding on which age is appropriate for her to be kissing boys and going on dates. Every girl needs a wonderful male role model and E has landed herself the best of the best.

I am so very very close to having all 3 of us together as a family like we should be! Hectic yes but oh so worth it.

Side note: they both snore when they are super sleepy.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lets see...

Frosting cookies tonight with our besties was fun and of course messy :-) Would you expect anything else out of two 4 year olds and black frosting? We sure are going to miss them!

I made a huge change today! Love!

I had an incident with a pair of leggings. New legging order is in while we speak.

I am in love with my new gunmetal grey nails.

Things are getting crazy and I'm collecting boxes :-)

If this looks shitty and comes out all garbled it's because I'm on my phone. Get used to it because that's how it's gonna be.



Monday, October 8, 2012

Holy Jeebus!!

I haven't been on here in years!

Update on the world I live in. 2400 mile move in a short time! I can't believe it's happening right here and now but I couldn't be more happy and excited for our adventure! E of course can't wait and wants to move yesterday because she is also over missing Superman and only seeing him through Skype and talking to him on the phone.

I really hate moving. I don't hate the outcome but I hate the deep cleaning, packing, address changes, medical record roundup and make sure everybody that you have ever come into any sort of payment contact knows that you are no longer where you once were so they can continue to send you wonderful bills.

My lists in my list have lists. I swear I'm going to pull my hair out with all the crap I have to put together and get organized. This weekend will be a madhouse. I will be surviving off coffee and pink rockstars. This is a warning to anybody that decides to text, call or stop by that you will given a box, mop or paint brush and put to work.

Good night my lovelies and I will try to keep you updated on my madness as I go!