Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy birthday baby brother!

21 years ago my baby brother blessed this world with his blonde haired, blue eyed, energetic presence.  He is proof that dynamite comes in small packages and anybody that has spent 5 minutes with him will agree. Never leaving a dull moment wherever he goes I can still remember the first time I held him and that I was the first one to hold him. My baby brother is now 21 years old, he is officially legal on all counts, and I am terrified for the east coast. Actually they might be ok because he’s been out on ship for the most part of the summer, but when he gets in watch out my east coasters!
I cannot do this 100+ weather. I am a huge baby when it comes to heat. I know I shouldn’t be complaining because a lot of people have it a lot worse but ugh I’m already over it.
My house is a mess and it needs some serious SMDing.
Tonight will be the first night since the end of March that I will not be writing a Superman letter. He has his phone and I get to talk to him every day!!! Happy happy dance.



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long hot weekend!

Ugh! As much as I love my weekends more than 2 birds in love I am glad this one has rounded itself up.

Friday night was a much need eat homemade noodles with a ton of butter and drink a bottle of wine while watching Brother Bear 2 (alone, yes, don't judge me).  I wrote a wonderfully thoughtful, sweet and lovey letter to Superman and passed out around 11.

Saturday was the wonderful Miss Taryn's wedding! Woohoo for weddings! I have decided that Superman's and my wedding will not be big, as small as we can get it without just heading to the courthouse. It all turned out beautifully though and they looked sooo happy together! I did learn that I now can cry during vows and during the first dance...missing my soldier something fierce!

Today was a bestie day! I love bestie days with all my might. We took the girls to the new water park (really rad pool really). They had a blast and we all came away pink and tired from the sun and fun. I may or may not have spent a few minutes actually looking at swimsuits online. I told myself I'd never put this stretch marked body into one ever again but I really think my giveadamn is busted on that one.

I am tired. My kitchen is finally clean. I have fully rehydrated myself and I need to go write a Superman letter before heading off to dream land.



Thursday, June 21, 2012


You know you're over your significant other being gone when the mailbox has $35 worth of Victoria Secret coupons and their new catalog and you're pissed because there are no letters from him. 4 months ago I would have been jumping up and down for joy, now anything but a letter from him is equivalent to a bill.

Driving back from lunch break today I witnessed a guy walking to his car in a neighboring parking lot with his hand prominently down his pants. Scratching or fiddling away at his junk. IN BROAD DAY LIGHT! I wish I wouldn't have had a car behind me because I was 2 seconds from stopping in the middle of the street and snapping a picture of that one.

I still have sinus aids. The a/c in the office is making things ten times worse. I am a crabby Patricia.

Does anybody else have ninety thousand birthdays happening this month? Everyday I have had somebody (thank you FB) with a birthday. The one that counts isn't until the 28th but still I have to share that one with 2 other people I know! Cut a girl some birthday slack!



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My hair is gone! Chopped it the frick off! It's all cute and pretty right above my shoulders and the office ladies think I actually look my age and not 17!! Woohoo!!

I'm still fighting Mr. Sinus and his infections. That's what happens when your sinus is a hooker and doesn't protect his junk.

Magic Mike is coming out the day after my birthday. Naked hot gorgeous men after this girl hasn't seen a naked hot gorgeous man but for 1 day since the end of March...sign me up!

I am in love with 90s music. In. Love.

Sayonara sweets!


Friday, June 15, 2012

The new life.

Chaos here we come!

My life has never been dull and now it’s for sure that it isn’t going to let up anytime soon. I am knee deep in the military life. I am uncertain of where I will be living, when it will be and I have no idea when I might find out any of this information. Yay! I am such a planner; I like knowing dates and times of things months and months in advance especially for big things. After the first couple months of freaking out I have given up on it and we are winging it. I will have to adopt the mantra of “Hurry up and Wait”.

E is beyond excited.  She asks every morning how many more days we have until Superman comes home and we get to move.

It’s Friday and there are two bottles of wine sitting in the back of the office patiently waiting for a pre-game while the bridal party is out to dinner. 7 o’clock can’t come soon enough; I really need me some wine. Yes I am trying to be classy and rewine myself. Wish a girl some luck!

Everybody have a safe and happy daddy’s day weekend!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Why am I always so darn tired? Exhausted actually. I have been sleeping a solid 6 hrs and for the past couple weeks I’ve been dragging. I had been doing so well with no caffeine but I just couldn’t take it any longer. Thank you Rockstar and your PerfectBerry beverage for keeping me alive.  Maybe E will sleep in some this weekend? Probably not but a girl can hope. Also crossing my fingers that the Tipsy Trolley isn’t too rough on me Friday night for Miss Taryn’s bachelorette party.

I need to make time/ find time to go get the tattoo I want and soon. I also have the urge to pierce something… and no it won’t be dirty and gross!

E and I went for a walk Monday and my brooks rubbed the back of my heel raw. Wtf gnome-clown?! They have never done that and now all of a sudden shazam they hate me.

I am pretty sure I still have an 8 yr old spider leg in my eye from crawling around under the office yesterday. I also got bitch slapped by a moth escaping from a box of files. Jealous? I would be if I were you.

I hate doctor bills with a passion. Yearly woman appointments are blah in my book anyways, even though I know they are important, but is it really necessary to charge me that much for some Dr to look and poke for 2 minutes and send me on my way? We won’t even discuss additional charges for anything other than your poke and prod. My aids finger is also a wonderful chunk of change for them to make my world miserable for 2 weeks and then nothing great to come of it. It’s just not in my cards.

Thank you sweet baby mini pig wearing red rain boots that it’s already Thursday and the weekend is close. I need you Saturday and Sunday badly. Superman countdown is underway!



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Warning danger ahead!

Call me bitchy, sex deprived, stressed, crazy, really whatever you want but who in their right mind (men I'm guessing) came up with this "Have a happy period" bullshit?! What woman in their right mind has ever had a happy period? Find me a woman that has even had a remotely not too bad period. There is NOTHING enjoyable about it. I would call it manageable, something that I have to deal with on a monthly basis and dread the day it shows up and praise the heavens above the day it leaves.

Since I'm in a mood and for some reason The Last Song is on and I'm too angry pissed typing to flip it to either Miss USA or a fuggin baseball game. Why? Not enough Captain or Superman I'm sure....

Why do people warsh clothes or use onvelopes? Speaking like that drives me bonkers. Somebody please call me a hypocrite because I believe that creek is pronounced crick unless it's in a name.

Life is a little crazy.

Gonna be kicking some Georgia peach ass in 5 days! They ain't seen nothing yet ;-)