Thursday, October 11, 2012

2 weeks!

Tonight was my last night of lazy before the packing extravaganza begins! Since E has to go with SD for a week I'm going to get us all packed! It will be a lot easier than having to watch a little helper unpack and reorganize with me :-) I did get her tutu for her ghost done! Now just waiting on my wonderful bestie to do her shirt and I'm free sailing.

While we were in PC tonight for Britts volleyball senior night I noticed how old I really am. Kids that were youngins are now graduated or seniors. There are only 3 of my teachers left. Kids I babysat are now dating. One thing is still the same and anyone reading this that went to school there will laugh...there are still box elder bugs in the gym bathrooms!!!

I cry during the national anthem.

I must be on time for work tomorrow. Bob is turning 50!!



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