Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Blogger slacker! And lately that's all my blogs have been about. Me slacking. Ugh! Fail. My utmost apologies.

E started Pre-K today. She was excited to get out of the house. She was not destined to be a stay at home kiddo. Good thing because this momma was not meant to be a stay at home momma. Fingers crossed for a good phone call on Friday!

Crazy drivers run wild in this town. This is not a complaint but a small sigh of relief that now I fit in with them :-)

Its not cold, not even close. 50s and rainy today, which means I'll put some jeans on and maybe grab an umbrella or small jacket, or heck a little rain never hurt anyone right? Last week we had a frost warning. FROST! Like 32 degrees and they were worried about people getting too cold and to remember to bundle up. Really? In MT we had warnings for -20 degrees and a foot of snow. I laughed a ton and then ran around in a long sleeve t and jeans and flip flops and got thousands of crazy looks. The south does not like cold, which is apparently anything below 65 degrees and they will freak out and act like they just got shipped to the north pole.

Gate guys are E's new favorite thing. Why? I haven't figured that out yet but she's intrigued and will make sure if she's sleepy and we're headed on base to stay awake until we get past them. Odd little one.
Last Tuesday after coming home from pictures I walked into the kitchen fooled around at the sink then headed to the drawer for something and then back across the kitchen. Karma is on my side because I stepped over cat puke 3 times without stepping in it! If that's how I get repaid I will take that every day for the rest of my life. Big joys come in small packages.

Now above mentioned pictures. A fellow Army wife was wanting to get a couple kiddo shots in and asked if she could borrow E as a subject. Sure! So here's a couple fun diddy's from last week!

A fun flashback for everyone.  While we were back in MT and the madness of packing was going on I walked downstairs to the playroom while E was supposed to be packing her toys (please note I ended up packing all toys) and found naked Barbies and Kens everywhere. I remember having a sea of naked dolls when I was little so I just found it funny and made sure to tell Superman that night. Convo went a little like this...
Me: E had a mess of naked Barbies and Kens today. Are you ready for that yet?
Superman: Nah Ken's just for looks. Now when G.I. Joe is naked with Barbie we will worry about it.
Well played honey, well played.

Okay friends! I am off to see how wonderful Miss E's school day went and then head off to pick up Superman from work! Much love and many promises to be back on more often.


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