Friday, September 30, 2011

Tattoos and sweaty belly buttons.

Please note that neither of these are on my person at this time.

E this morning had another brilliant idea. "Momma, I want a tattoo". I was really hoping for this to not come at all, and even then at least wait until she was like 15 or something. Nope I get saddled with a 3 year old with the attitude and thinking of a teenager. Great super duper for me. Funny thing is though her father is trying to play it off as pure innocence. I have completely come to terms that she is going to be a strong headed, daredevil, boy chasing, getting into trouble girl that I was. The day when he opens his eyes and sees it will be priceless, I might even bring the flip it every where I go from now on so I can hopefully capture the horrible fear that will flash across his face. Mean? Nah, just trying to find some funny in the very cold hard truth that I am raising a mini me.

Sweaty belly buttons. You know when a larger man has on a tight shirt and he has that sweat circle right around his navel? Yep that's what I have sitting near me at the moment, it's one of those disgusting sights like gross greasy hair or too long of toenails that you just have to keep looking at. I can't turn away as much as I would like too. Puke. Onto another train of thought...navel. Navel is kind of a classy word for belly button so I don't know if it can be used in this gross description, but then again belly button is meant for cute little kid tummy's. So my Google of the day will be to find a nasty term for the belly button and navel.

Tomorrow is Cats homecoming! My hair is super red, like it's almost trashy and a little to punk for me...I'm gonna rock it anyways.

Here's to giving Friday and the weekend some hell!

<3 Jess

Sunday, September 25, 2011

2,108 miles.

The reason my phone is always near during the day and ringer volume cranked at night.
The reason I don't turn on the news in fear of yet another deployement.
The reason I cry at any military, "I miss you", come home song.
The reason for a special little prayer every night.

When you spend 18 years of your life with someone who is your greatest fan, biggest critic and best friend, it's hard to let them go. It's hard to only be able to see them once a year, only talk to them over the phone, only be involved in bits and pieces of their life instead of every minute. You miss out on the little things, the things you took for granted because you figured would always be there. Watching them laugh, feeling their hugs, and never knowing when you're in for a wrestling match.

It's not easy for any of us, but then everybody warned us that it would be one of the hardest things we went through.  There's a special bond between him and I that no matter what either of us goes through still makes us closer than anybody else at the end of the day. I can't explain to you how it feels and I really don't want to. People always say that a girl needs an older brother, they apparently never had a younger one :-) He's the most protective person in my life. Who has always tried to take on the guys twice his size just because they broke my heart. Told off the girls he knew were not good enough to be my "friends". Laughed at me when I most deserved it, cheered when I needed an extra push and was never afraid to tell me how it was.

So here's to a little brother, a best friend, for leaving his safe little home town to make a difference in the world. He left the ones he loved, so that everybody else can come home to theirs every night. He gave up talking to his parents and family so that his neighbors can have dinner with theirs. He is missing out on being a crazy, wild 20 yr old with his friends, so his friends can keep being crazy, wild 20 yr olds. He is missing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners so the rest of us can still celebrate. I personally couldn't be more proud of such an amazing young man, who has shown me what dedication, compassion and loyalty really is.

Love you little brother,


Friday, September 23, 2011

I shit you not!

This is real.
This is also why I love my job.
Please look closely...
Yes, that is in fact tinsel wrapped around the ladder that they are using as makeshift steps.
Now you may join me with piss sodden pants and running mascara.

Friday love, hugs and kisses!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Free for All!

I currently have 3 songs stuck in my head. "I want it that way" Backstreet Boys, "White Christmas" and "I'll bite your face off" Alice Cooper. If anybody can read into why these three songs are swirling around in my head and explain the importance if any, feel free to let me know.

I hate people that skipped the "pedestrians in the cross walk have the right of way" lesson in drivers ed. I drive by 3 schools every morning. The first an elementary school, which is always flooded with parents dropping off their kids, buses and kids on bikes and foot. A block away from said elementary school this morning I watched 2 little boys wait while 4 cars stopped at the sign and kept driving. Really people? Thank the good lord that these kids parent's dug into them about waiting until the cars are really stopped and are sure you are there in order to cross. I let them cross and then went on about my merry little way, but it done gone pissed me off at 7:30 which is never great because I'm not a wonderful morning person to begin with.

LSU won last night! Happy happy girl minus the fact they played like drunk high schoolers. Definitely not the prettiest game I've seen. As is stands there are only 2 LSU fans in the state of MT that I know of. So him and I have to stick together. .

Good day it is friday!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Brain block. Blogger block. I get all these great ideas during work. Fantastic ideas like people smoking pot while driving and fat girls in short shorts. Then when I get home at night with more than 5 minutes to sit down, I turn on Dance Moms and forget all my wonderfulness.

A lot is happening in my wonderful life right now. So much that it would be crazy confusing and a little scary to publicly display, so I will highlight some of the points normal average people would not shiz themselves over.

I hate red wine, in fact I will be ok with never seeing a bottle of it again. Call me classy but grab me a beer please.

Miss E has horrible stage fright and shyness just like her momma. The plus to this is I will know how to help her deal with it, the negs is well she gets to puke before every thing and have mild to major panic attacks for the rest of her life.

Men and their manopause. Really? Just lay off it already or do what I do and be courteous enough to warn people! I do not need to be yelled at because you've got a snag in your balls...super sorry dude.

Maybe tonight I will sit down and write about all the things that I have sticky noted to the inside of my purse in the last 2 weeks.