Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ahhhh the dreaded Hallmark holiday.

Yes, I am a V-day hater.

I really never have understood the holiday. Let's all spend hundreds of dollars on fancy (crappy) meals and overpriced flowers and cheesy card to show our love for somebody. Ummm I want flowers on a random Wednesday in April not on the day when everybody else is getting them!

Superman vetoed flowers and cards and chocolates and got me a new camera! Holiday observance? Yes, but it wasn't the typical gift so I'm excited :-)

So cheers and beers and one night stands to all of you that don't have a steady someone special in your life. Hugs and loves to all of you that have a someone special that you aren't able to hold tight tonight. And to everybody that will be spending today with their love, remember to embrace and enjoy every second of the time you do get to spend with them because you never know when that might end.

Holy shiz I got sappy,


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little thought....

I don't take near enough pictures. Here is one I got of the wonderful Miss E last night before dance.

I am absolutely in love with this little munchkin and cannot believe how much she has grown up on me!

If you are into photography and want to check out some amazing work go HERE! It is the wonderful Nikki Sixx. After reading his books and being to a couple shows I have become a fan. Never in a million years would I have guessed him to be a photographer, but an artist he is. Enjoy!

Enjoy your Thursday and everything it entails.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some things that bug me...

This is all stuff that I deal with from people in my office. Please consider working with the public before you do so.

1. KNOW YOUR NAME! Yes, sadly, this is an issue in our office. It's not just the random married/divorced don't know which one you have it under confusion either. It's some clients actually not knowing their name. Seriously? How do you not know your name. You have had the same name for your entire life!

2. Shower. I have been over this in numerous blogs a million times, but shower maybe even put some deodorant on and pretty pretty please with a cherry on top wash your clothes. I'm not asking for make up, done hair, freshly shaved face, designer shoes and $800 jeans. Just be clean.

3. Being 30+ years old and still having your parents or grandparents pay for your insurance. Some even have spouses and children and no it's not a once a year mom's making it your birthday present kinda thing. There is a time in one's life when you need to GROW UP! Pay your own bills, be a big person and live the real world like everybody else.

4. Do not make your problems mine. I'm sorry you're having financial issues I really am, we all have been there, but do not scream and yell at me because you walk in here with brand new shoes and a brand new coach bragging about it and then complain that we charged you a late fee or that you have to completely restart your services. You ruin my day when you do this.

5. Poor planning on your part does not result in an emergency on mine.  If you decide to buy a new vehicle at 4:50pm on a Friday I will not be able to do anything for you until Monday after 8. Sorry, sucks for you, but try to not be so fly by the seat of your pants.

Dance night. We will be stopping for coffee first and we will be devouring pizza afterwards. Momma will also drink a delicious Blue Moon after Miss E goes to bed. After all I do have a Dance Moms episode to watch and shhhh as to not ruin his rep but Superman is pretty excited about Brooke coming back :-)

Wednesday that's being a Monday,


Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh the things we see.

Yes my friends this is real. Please take your regular 5th wheel camper trailer and just chop part of the back off to accommodate a deck for your grill and add a regular sliding glass door. Home sweet home.
The plates are New Mexico so I don't have to really be ashamed of being in Montana but it honestly wouldn't surprise me one bit if it had MT plates on it. How's that for class.

On a pissy note. After we got to the destination and turned around to come back home I got a lovely rock chip right in my eye view. It really made me mad. Damn dually pickups.

I had every plan in the world this weekend to purge my house. Ya....I got one cupboard done. Beauty and the Beast, mini Supers and a nap were way more important.

Monday Muah!


Friday, February 3, 2012

50th Post and Superman Snacks.

That either means I have a life so I can't post as much or it means that my life isn't interesting enough to bore you with daily.

Either way Superman Snacks were an experience of a lifetime. Superman has a sweet tooth, especially for frosting, cookies and cookie dough. So we went on an adventure through creating a Superman Snack.

First snack was a yellow cupcake with a cookie dough center and Oreo frosting. It was a flop, the cookie dough centers did not turn out well. The cupcake and frosting did do very well though.

Second snack was also a flop due to Superman getting over excited with toppings. It started off simple with a sandwich of 2 Chewy Chips Ahoy and the above mentioned Oreo frosting in the center. Fine and dandy, then it was a genius idea to freeze them and then pour the Magic Shell ice cream topping on them and top that with sprinkles. Sugar overload. He didn't think you could go too far with sweets, yes Superman it's possible.

Lesson learned and now I have a bowl of Oreo frosting in my fridge that was breakfast for him and E this morning. I guess Friday can start well :-)

In other news. We are listening to hits from the 80s. Which is fine I can appreciate all types of music, but since I'm in a pretty good mood I would like dancing music while I battle deductibles and uninsured motorist coverages.

Weekend agenda will include a full on purge of my house, everything that doesn't need to stay will go, if I haven't used it or can't think of a time that I will, it will also go. Necessities because I need to de clutter bad. Organize my millions of papers I have laying around the house in random cupboards and boxes and have a closet clean out.

"I'm gonna rock you"


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh notsowonderful Wednesday...

I have a migraine. I hate it. I want to go home and sleep, not sit here for another 7 hrs and then go to dance and then go to the gym.

I had some good news, but then it turned into maybe good news because of course somebody is always trying to make things difficult.

There is a psycho red rundown Chevy Cavalier that has been stalking my condo. If any of you know some creep that likes to stalk condos and drives the vehicle described please inform me. I really want to kick him in his balls.

I love my office mom.  To the moon and back.

I am rambling and I'm ok with it.

My Day Zero project isn't working out to well.

Speaking of working out. I'm sore. Mr Trainer Man is on my shiz list.

Biznatches at work also need a swift kick in the nether regions.

I love people with opinions. I may not agree with your opinion, but I'm glad that you are thinking for yourself. Kudos to you! All of the people that judge others for their opinions I am in a kicking mode so I will gladly kick you in your ear hole.