Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm tired.

Who thinks getting woken up at 4am is delightful? Oh wait, not this girl! I love my sleep. Love. It. As much as I love Superman and I love my "good morning beautiful"s, it needs to wait until 6am when the alarm goes off. Snuggle and cuddle time is delightful and I missed it so. I am starting to get crabby though and that is never good.

Does anyone know what the duck a kitty nib is? According to a freakin weirdo client it is when your kitty nibbles on you instead of actually biting you? Ummm my cats don't do this they either sneeze in my ear, try to stick their nose in my mouth or they just bite the shit out of me. This guy was a loony toon.

We are headed out to a date night tonight with the wonderful Keith. We owe him a lot considering we met because of his so I guess he can friend bomb a couple dates ;-)

Happy August!


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