Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Why am I always so darn tired? Exhausted actually. I have been sleeping a solid 6 hrs and for the past couple weeks I’ve been dragging. I had been doing so well with no caffeine but I just couldn’t take it any longer. Thank you Rockstar and your PerfectBerry beverage for keeping me alive.  Maybe E will sleep in some this weekend? Probably not but a girl can hope. Also crossing my fingers that the Tipsy Trolley isn’t too rough on me Friday night for Miss Taryn’s bachelorette party.

I need to make time/ find time to go get the tattoo I want and soon. I also have the urge to pierce something… and no it won’t be dirty and gross!

E and I went for a walk Monday and my brooks rubbed the back of my heel raw. Wtf gnome-clown?! They have never done that and now all of a sudden shazam they hate me.

I am pretty sure I still have an 8 yr old spider leg in my eye from crawling around under the office yesterday. I also got bitch slapped by a moth escaping from a box of files. Jealous? I would be if I were you.

I hate doctor bills with a passion. Yearly woman appointments are blah in my book anyways, even though I know they are important, but is it really necessary to charge me that much for some Dr to look and poke for 2 minutes and send me on my way? We won’t even discuss additional charges for anything other than your poke and prod. My aids finger is also a wonderful chunk of change for them to make my world miserable for 2 weeks and then nothing great to come of it. It’s just not in my cards.

Thank you sweet baby mini pig wearing red rain boots that it’s already Thursday and the weekend is close. I need you Saturday and Sunday badly. Superman countdown is underway!



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