Thursday, May 30, 2013

The lost generation on a Thursday

Hardworking, husbandly, and fatherly men used to be the norm. You were looked down upon if you did not put in an honest days work to support your family. Not only did these men have the skills to fix anything with a screwdriver and their bare hands they knew how to live life. Accomplishments were a happy healthy home and great friends. The sweetest smell was 5 a.m., nothing was more pure than a newborn and a kiss to their wife was ritual.  These lost men come with stories of real and will give an honest word. Call it old fashioned or raised a little to "ranch" but there are some things men have let slip through the cracks. The lost generation worked because it was their part in the world, they made their kids learn manners and do chores so they could grow up disciplined with a respect for elders and authority, they loved a woman and only one woman and treated her like his best friend.

One of my favorite things they knew how to do was raise a young man. Being the youngin' that I am it's rare to run across men my age that have the old school values, but I was privileged enough to find one and now get to spend the rest of my life with him.  It's even sweeter on the heart when you are able to speak with and hear the stories of the "old generation" man who made your man the way he is. With every word Superman's grandpa spoke I understood why Superman was hard, calm, thorough, loving and full of spirit. I may not have gotten a childhood of stories from him but the ones I did get will stay with me forever. He was one of the last of the greatest and left himself in the man in my life.



Friday, May 24, 2013


Holy what a whirlwind! Everything is happening at once and my stress levels are skyrocketing along with my blood pressure (no lie the dang thing is too high and a follow up appt has been set).

The mini-supers are headed our way this weekend! I am overjoyed and can't wait to see them but our poor little house is going to be full to the brim, new puppy and two kids. I'm in for it.

With a three day weekend right in front of my nose I am thinking about all the things I want to do.

1) Sleep in. Even if Duke (new puppy) lets me sleep until 6 I will be one happy camper.
2) Break out the bikini. Yikes! The pool is staring at me every time I walk onto the balcony.
3) Spend some quality girl time with Miss E. Pedicures look promising.
4) Drink some rum. This will probably happen tonight after the kid and puppy are in bed.
5) Snuggle with Superman. Things have been draining lately and a good snuggle is in order.

Happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!