Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend rant.

Sooo as everybody in this wonderful town is aware...the PBR is here. So of course everybody is wearing their cowboy boots for the first time this year and putting their bimbo girlfriends in her fake boots and too short dresses in their big trucks because they think it's hot. How hot Mr. Cowboy-for-a-day is it going to be when your girlfriend has a vehicular manslaughter charge and your brand new truck is smashed to pieces? Not so super great! I'm sorry but some girls should not drive trucks. I'm a suck driver but when I drive Superman's truck I do drive nicer then when I'm in my clown car. Ugh stupid girls.

Also I hate having to get groceries at the first of the month, I usually plan better but milk and yogurt are necessities and we were out. I almost wanted to kill somebody today and I was wishing Walmart had hard liquor about half way through. I shouldn't judge, but I'm in a slightly shitty mood and I'm going to.

We are another week down on the Superman countdown! Cheers!

I want to

Beastly with the bestie last night was cute, even though she fell asleep half way through ;-) I loves my bestie.

Sorry for the hiatus!



P.S. Elroy the bunny had a baby! We have a baby bunny running around our backyard...he's soo wittle and cute and in definite need of baby talk whenever I see his tiny little snuggly wuggly baby bunny ears.

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