Monday, April 23, 2012

2 hrs and it's over.

Monday is always the most dreaded day of the week. Nobody wants to wake up. We all drag getting ready for work. You throw on the most comfortable clothing you can. You make time for a quad shot of coffee and grab an extra bottle of Tylenol. When your key unlocks the office door you let out a deep breath and sit heavy in your chair. The phone rings for the first time of the day and all you can think is "here we go again". You trudge through the first half until lunch where you debate drinking but settle for a normal lunch instead. The second half of the day is a fog, you're now back in the swing of things but it's like a droning underwater feeling. 1700 can't come soon enough and when it does you run out to your car jump in and lock the doors so nobody can get you back out. Relief. You have survived.
Another that kinda Monday for me. I stalked the mailman again today and 3 Superman letters arrived! I apparently need to have oreos and frosting on hand when he gets home ;-) One day closer and one day stronger and another check on the calendar.  My friends probably think I'm crazy for talking about him all the time, the ladies in the office probably give me off looks when they see me tear up or smile randomly at my computer screen, because how funny or sad could a Progressive quote really be? It's a lesson for me. They said it would be hard and it is. The miles are hard. The missing him is hard. The no communication sucks. Loving him? Now that's the easy part. I swore I would never date, love or marry a military man. Now that I am, I couldn't be more happier anywhere else. I get to count my year in the months spent with him and I get to make 3 days of happiness into 1 because I making every day count is all that counts. I don't sleep, get hugs or kisses or calls, but I do get him. That is what's worth it.

In E related news. She snaps, she winks, she has a boyfriend and her undies have to match her outfit. Ponytails are no longer acceptable and "Ugh mom really?" is her favorite phrase. She's in love with 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and going fast. She's a mini me. I can't get over the deja vu when she dances in kitchen, cries over the littlest scratch and can't wear certain socks because they feel funny. I've got to be the luckiest woman on the planet to be able to call this wonderful little girl my daughter.

As sucky as Monday was, I'm very very thankful.

What are you thankful for today?



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