Thursday, March 8, 2012

And there ya have it folks!

Whole-wheat pasta sucks, unless I’m doing it wrong or something but it sucked balls last night. So I will go back to my unhealthy makes me fat and full and yummy normal pasta. Superman is very disappointed and this did cause a small stir in the house last night. On the plus side the chicken was great.

My eye has some sort of fungus? Or maybe it’s the clap. I am not sure but I am using my little bottle of eye drops that cost $$$ so they better work. Since the eye is having issues I am rocking my glasses today. Superman thinks I’m hot, the office thinks I’m cute and I feel like that nerdy awkward child that I was in the 6th grade. Woohoo Thursday!

Vent: David’s Bridal needs to make more than one flower girl dress that comes in Canary. Thank the fairies that the one they do make in that color is cute, I did not want to be the bearer of bad news to the new sister in law! Here is what the E will be wearing for Uncle’s wedding in August….
I will be making brownies tonight. Frosted, full of chocolate chips and extra chocolate syrup. If I'm going to make them I'm going to do it right and have some fun.

I feel like I have so much to tell but it's all top secret (ok really not...)! Muahahahaha ;-) Maybe soon.



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