Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh to be fashionable...

I have never been a fashion queen...ever. I have some cute heels and that's about as far as it gets, I will wear the shit out of jeans, tanks and flip flops. Regardless of weather and occasion. I have recently (in my growing up age) realized it might be ok for me to incorporate some fashion into my day. Not everyday for shock of losing my casualness but it can't hurt right?  I have been trying to keep up with fashion blogs and hit up the major designers websites but either the stuff looks funny to me or I think "only if I was a size -8".  Maybe I just need to do it?

In other non fashion related news. I am friggen excited about this nice weather! Outsideness here we come. I still need to find a jogging stroller and then convince my 4 yr old that it would be a fantastic idea to ride in it for even 30 min at a time.  We shall see....

Enjoying every minute of every day because you're supposed to,


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  1. Jessie my budding fashionista you can do it!! Start with a couple of "basic" but grown up pieces and you'll be all set! My favorites are a fitted blazer with a variety of tops, either embellished T's or flowy shells. Nice jeans and a cute flat/heel and viola, a outfit to envy!


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