Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another year a few more life lessons.

Ok ok crap friend award. I'm a day late but I wanted it to be perfect :-)

September 6 was painful for two mothers but I am oh so very grateful.

These two ladies are beautiful, powerful, strong and courageous. They let me believe in true friendship and show me that distance is no boundary.

So without further ado, a wonderful and happy birthday (a blog day late) to Sam and Sabrina! In honor of their vaginal escape I asked them to share with me three things that they have learned in this last year and how it will contribute to their future. They are oddly similar ;-) I guess great minds think alike.

Sabrina (left) and Sam (right) when I was in MT last month!

Sam, my best friend and my backbone for the last 9 years. There is not a thing that I have went through that she hasn't been there for.  She's an amazing single mom to an almost birthday twin to E and is finally following her dream!

#1- "I learned my birthday isn't fun without my bestie! Future means birthday road trips!!

#2- "When you actually follow your dreams it makes you happy! I plan to be happy from now on, so (a) happy future!"

#3- "I've learned when you can tell someone is your true friend and not to waste time on temporary ones. This means I'm set for my future with the besties I have beside me right now!"

Sabrina's (left) birthday from last year! Sam is on the right :-)

Sabrina and I became instant friends almost 3 years ago. She is the image of Superwoman and does a dang good job wrangling her 3 little munchkins.

#1- "I've learned to not sweat the small things and not letting 'myself' get stressed about the things I can't control."

#2- "I don't need a lot of friends. I just need a few that will always be there. I am not always worried about making people like me.

#3- "Life will happen whether you want it to or not. I can't be mad about things I cannot change. I have control over situations, but things in life just happen and I've learned to just be OK with it.

I am so lucky to have these wonderful ladies in my life and couldn't be more proud to be their friend!

Love you both to pieces!!


Monday, September 2, 2013

And the long weekend ends...

Labor day is the end of summer, the last weekend to bust out the grill, float around the pool and slip on your sandals. If your kids haven't already they shortly will be stepping on the bus so they can return with enormous piles of homework that you so joyfully get to help them with. E has had homework from day one and even a project that was sent over for the weekend. Granted it's just going over the alphabet which she has known for 3 years but still. She is pretty annoyed at this point with not learning anything new, so hopefully soon they start upping the curriculum.

Happy end of summer. Get ready for scarves and boots and all that jazz. I will still be in flip flops and tank tops because well, welcome to my world.