Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh hi :-)

I am the official owner of some sort of eye infection. You know the green slimy gross kind? Ya I've got it. Please don't be too jealous of me.

In weekend related news.
I came here to work and learned about older adults. See earlier post for boring details.
I went to the mall twice, to only come away with a Build-a-Bear for Ellie that sings this song. It's highly annoying.
I cleaned my floors and discovered that I need a new vacuum ASAP! It's not doing it job and that's gross and unacceptable.
I did NOT do the 5 loads of laundry that needed to be done. Which I must do tonight.
I did however get to see the bestie and fail horribly at the cool balloon and yarn things, but we did go out to pizza. 4 girls and Superman who will never walk into my house ever again with the besties being over. muhahahaha.

Tonight is kettle ball. Please wish me luck but hopefully it does what it's supposed to do. Fingers crossed.

Love, hugs and butterfly snugs,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Working on a Saturday...

Please tell me I'm young and crazy and yes you just caught me at work on a Saturday at 1pm. Fun thing is I'm here learning how to be 50+! Woohoo! I am now authorized to offer AARP products to Older Adults.

I no longer have fake nails, I have boy hands and it saddens me.

E is with her father, Superman is off hanging out with the mini supers and I'm bored as hell. I'm currently trying to convince Alberto that she needs to ditch any prior engagements and hang out with me.

Coughing up both lungs,


Friday, January 27, 2012

Superman braids and my tonsils revolt!

I am sick. My sinuses are draining wonderful puss boogers right down the back of my throat which makes it all raw and ooey and scratchy and hurt. So I am popping drugs, loosing my voice and apologizing to clients for sounding like a stupid ass on the phone. My frozen grapes (thanks Granny for turning me onto these little beauties) will hopefully make my ginormous tonsils feel better. I'm assuming that's the culprit of my pain since I look like a friggen chipmunk trying to stash nuts thanks to them being so big. Grrrr.

In running related events. 1/2 marathon training has began and all I have learned is that I hate hate hate running on a dreadmill. Super sad since that's pretty much my only option since E can't be left alone for a half hour a night while I run outside. Oh well with some trainer time and kettle ball training hopefully shiz will work out right and I can kick some arse! Then I can chill with Granny (please see link above) in September!

Superman learned to braid. Yes people it happened. Think manly man superman with muscles and brawn and protein shakes and lifting lots of lbs braiding the hair of Pinkie Pie. It was an experience of a lift time. Now to train him on using the tiny barelyfitaroundyourfinger hair bands :-)

Smiles and great whiles,


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh to be 16 again...

Cheers to a wonderful little brother who is growing up!

Of course he couldn't be easy at all. He was a surprise and then he surprised the rest of us with coming on January 19th instead of April 1st like he was supposed to. I of course didn't get to see him until February 19th because his 3lb 7ounce little butt had to stay in the Nicu for a month, but it was still fun. Then of course he came with beeps and wires and all the fun things preemies require.

Fast forward to today. He's like 4 inches taller than me and can finally almost beat my butt at a wrestling match. I say almost because I'm pretty sure he can but I fight dirty and I really don't want to admit being able to lose to somebody that is 7 years younger than me regardless of size difference. He has a girlfriend!!! Shiz balls this makes a sister scared. Not because I don't like B-ritt (yes I just gangstered her name) because I really do but because he's the baby, he's my little one that's never supposed to grow up. I remember telling his little girlfriends (when he was like 12) that they weren't allowed to call the house. Some would say I was slightly overprotective and a little biznatchy.

So here's a huge virtual hug (I'm not a shitty sister I gave him a real one yesterday) to a wonderful little should not be growing up brother.

Love you so much I'm still very sorry I dropped you once,


Sunday, January 8, 2012


I love the smell of lasagna in the oven. There's nothing more amazing for your nostrils then the sauce and cheeses mixing aromas and swirly in little yum clouds.

By the way Im not sure Im enjoying the Blogger app....

Stringy cheesy goodness,
Jess <3

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Classless asshats

I'm not a fan of hitting on people it's generally offensive and often time rude, especially when you're a client of mine.  I'm sorry Mr. Client but it's not my fault you are a 30 something single male and can not find a woman in this town because apparently all of them are married with kids and a boyfriend and two others waiting in line. Ummm OK...I know plenty of single women in this town that are completely single and kid free, maybe they are just telling you this because you are a CREEPER!!! Do not hit on women in professional places, maybe try taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and getting a hair cut. Laundering your clothes and wearing the same colored socks might also be a plus. When in the presence of a woman do not stare, ever! It is not OK, we find that highly offensive and you doing the whole body look up and down puts you into "neverfruckingspeaktohimagain" category and makes us want puke.

Next time try walking up to a person that attracts you and start with "Hi, my name is ----. How are you?" Do not go the whole "Hey baby saw you looking fine as hell from across the room, want another drink?" route. It will get you NOWHERE!

End of rant. I hate my Jetta, love my bed, enjoy my life and really need a bottle of wine.

27 minutes and counting...