Friday, March 30, 2012

I can't sit to pee....

Now is when being a boy would be nice. Thanks to my wonderful trainer my legs hurt like a biznatch.  Like I almost fell down the stairs because they weren't working last night.  I feel powerful after a workout like that but damn it hurts for days following. I guess the end result will be worth it!

My mom now has chicks at her house.

Yes just like these cute little balls O' fluff.

There is something about baby anything that just makes me smile. I think it's a mixture between their innocence and their mininess.

I got a phone call from Superman last night! It's amazing what 10 minutes will make a week. Welcome to the life.



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's to adventure.

About 50% of my posts are about the office. When you spend 40hrs a week somewhere and you get some colorfulness you are blessed with blog posts :-)

Today we had a rather scary adventure. A man was wandering around the outside of our office for 15-20 minutes. Now where our office is located, you don't come down here unless you need to go into one of the offices, there is nothing of importance. So when a 6' plus tall guy is rooming around hiding behind trees with a guitar and mumbling you freak out a little bit. Downtown I wouldn't think anything of it, but here it's a very very rare occurance and something to worry about. So we called the cops and in the meantime the guy decides to COME INTO THE OFFICE! Yes our office full of women, because Boss Man was gone today. Great so SuperKy comes to the rescue, calms the guy down (he was tweeking good and hard on soemthing), keeps asking him a bunch of questions and makes him a bagel and a cup of coffee. By then the cops show up and take him to the hospital. Of course all of this couldn't happen when Superman was just being a stay at home guy, nope 3 days after he leaves.

I'm doing better today with him being away. It's rough and I'll need to learn how to cope, currently his toothbrush makes me cry, snuggling his pillow is not the same and I hate not seeing his truck in the driveway. Sad face. But he will be back soon! And I think a trip or two is in the works for me heading to the south :-) I'm counting down days and trying to find things to keep me busy. My bff might get tired of me in a couple months ;-)

Love to afar,


Monday, March 19, 2012

What is your typical day?

A lot of people hear about my life and say "gosh you're busy". Am I really? I don't think so. I am pretty sure my day to day is pretty boring. How about you decide?

Alarm goes off. As of now and having a snugly Superman next to me I rarely (please read once a month) get up on time. I am bound and determined to get up like I'm supposed to next week.

An hour and a half later E and I should be headed to daycare. Which also rarely happens, if I leave on time like I'm supposed to I show up to work early and am able to not run around with my head chopped off. On the couple days a month this happens it's usually a pretty darn good day.

I work here with all the files and phone calls and hilariousness of my clients until my brain is dead and then it's headed out to pick up the E.

Depending on the day of the week E and I might have something to do. We have kettle bell one night and dance another, the other days (after Superman leaves) we will squeeze in more gym time or bestie time.

Weekends are a free for all. We kinda do whatever we want, besties , grandparents , minis , park, movie or hanging at home hopefully cleaning.

See friends my life isn't that exciting! It's normal and average and boring....Just the way I like it.

Happy I was only 4 minutes late to work today Monday!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh to be fashionable...

I have never been a fashion queen...ever. I have some cute heels and that's about as far as it gets, I will wear the shit out of jeans, tanks and flip flops. Regardless of weather and occasion. I have recently (in my growing up age) realized it might be ok for me to incorporate some fashion into my day. Not everyday for shock of losing my casualness but it can't hurt right?  I have been trying to keep up with fashion blogs and hit up the major designers websites but either the stuff looks funny to me or I think "only if I was a size -8".  Maybe I just need to do it?

In other non fashion related news. I am friggen excited about this nice weather! Outsideness here we come. I still need to find a jogging stroller and then convince my 4 yr old that it would be a fantastic idea to ride in it for even 30 min at a time.  We shall see....

Enjoying every minute of every day because you're supposed to,


Thursday, March 8, 2012

And there ya have it folks!

Whole-wheat pasta sucks, unless I’m doing it wrong or something but it sucked balls last night. So I will go back to my unhealthy makes me fat and full and yummy normal pasta. Superman is very disappointed and this did cause a small stir in the house last night. On the plus side the chicken was great.

My eye has some sort of fungus? Or maybe it’s the clap. I am not sure but I am using my little bottle of eye drops that cost $$$ so they better work. Since the eye is having issues I am rocking my glasses today. Superman thinks I’m hot, the office thinks I’m cute and I feel like that nerdy awkward child that I was in the 6th grade. Woohoo Thursday!

Vent: David’s Bridal needs to make more than one flower girl dress that comes in Canary. Thank the fairies that the one they do make in that color is cute, I did not want to be the bearer of bad news to the new sister in law! Here is what the E will be wearing for Uncle’s wedding in August….
I will be making brownies tonight. Frosted, full of chocolate chips and extra chocolate syrup. If I'm going to make them I'm going to do it right and have some fun.

I feel like I have so much to tell but it's all top secret (ok really not...)! Muahahahaha ;-) Maybe soon.



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ellie overload beware!

4 years ago I became a mom. My world was changed and my heart was full. Looking back I can't believe everything that has happened since. I went from loving the little milestones like sleeping all night and sitting up to now when she's recognizing words and reading and counting to 50. Little miss personality has taught me more things about myself than anything. The true meaning of loving somebody more than yourself, having your heart and soul outside of your body and putting one person above anything and everybody else. So happy birthday to my wonderful little Miss E.

Day 1
3 months later
15 months
2 years
1 week ago
Love and mushiness from me to my little booger :-)