Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm back after a long hiatus but that's ok because I've been taking care of me and my family. Hopefully as the days get shorter and the nights a little colder I'll spend a little more time on the blog.

When I was on the plane ride back to NC after spending the weekend in MT in August I started jotting down some of the things that I miss most about the state I grew up in. So enjoy a little MT lovin on your Monday morning.

Big Sky- I don't care where you are from or where you have been I dare you to compete. The blue is crisp and clear, with a color unmatched my any Crayola. The clouds, if any, are light and fluffy and almost transparent. They look like what I'm imagining heaven feels like. At night the stars are like a million little diamonds, placed perfectly. They catch your dreams and steal your tears.

The smells- With every season comes it own signature scent. The spring is serene, the rain making things crisp, and when the sun begins to shine you can smell new growth as the plants begin to push out of the ground. Summer is spring smells turned up. The flowers are in full bloom, the corn is releasing pure sugar into the air and the dirt heats up. Fall is my favorite. The leaves send out a musky damp smell that crackles at dusk when the air drops and smoke from the chimneys fill the air. Winter is hard and the cold air is almost senseless until it's about to snow. The sky parts, the angels sprinkle snow and before it falls an unexplained feeling; you know what is about to happen, it's a sweet smell, like sugar only cold, but light and airy. Even if it's mid January and it's been snowing for a couple months, you will find any true Montanan stop and take in a deep breath, because it's magical every time. 

Pace of life-I always hated how slow it could be. Days when things were so dead and no one moved. Where on holidays only select gas stations were open. After moving to a rat race I have learned to appreciate it. Life is about living every moment and enjoying as much of it as you can. A day in the garden is a day well spent even if you have no hard evident to prove it. Holidays full of a dysfunctional family is the best around.

The people- As harsh as it can be sometimes their honesty enlightens me. They know who they are, what morals and values are and they aren't afraid to speak their piece. Family comes first and a hard days work to support it. They don't need a lot and will give a neighbor what they need even if they have nothing to give back in return. You are guaranteed a handshake or wave and always a first name hello.

A back road- As cliche and country song it sounds it is true. A long drive down a back road gives you everything about Montana at once. The smells, the sights, the people and life. You get time to think, ask all the questions and pray for the answers. Something about all the noise the night makes and how it's still so quiet it calms you, lets every bad day fade away and pushes aside any fear of the future.