Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today is National Friendship Day!

Do you have a friend? Best friend?

I love my friends. Yes, yes I do! I got lucky with mine. I was talking with a friend here in the NC and she was surprised that my friends from MT still called me. Well duh! Why wouldn't they? I guess distance doesn't always do friendships justice. I hate not seeing my friends like I used to, but life happens. I definitely don't see them as much as I used to in high school and there are some from high school that I don't speak with anymore. True friendships last through distance and time, but if they don't I don't get discouraged by it. I learned a lot from some people that I don't have a relationship with anymore. People are brought into our lives for a reason. They either help us or teach us to help ourselves. 9 days and counting until I get to see a couple pretty ladies that I haven't seen since March and hopefully a couple more that I haven't seen since October!

Hazelnut is not my cup of coffee,


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Terrorist Tuesday

I despise some people. If you look around Pinterest there are a lot of funnies regarding hitting people with cars and showing up at doorsteps with a shovel. I could never kill someone or even seriously injure them, but if I could physically shake someone until they realized just how dumb they are I would. Unfortunately I can't so I will sit here and steam and complain.

In other world of Jess news... I am starving and can't leave because the receptionist went home sick. Superman was supposed to be bringing me lunch if he got off early enough but as it's almost two I don't think that will be happening. Maybe I can find a Chobani in the back of the fridge....

I believe that is all I have to say for the moment.

Waiting for 5 o'clock,


Monday, July 29, 2013

Can I borrow your printer cable?

I woke up late. The dog needed a bath because he decided to pee on himself in the middle of the night.  It was way too humid to do my hair. I broke my pinky toe nail and my heels are killing me. I spilled DD on my new shirt. 

Is it too late for a redo?! Shit. If tomorrow follows suite and is worse than Monday like Tuesdays normally are then I promise you I will be trying to hang myself from the fluorescent light with a printer cable.

What top coat nail polish do you all use? Apparently I'm doing something wrong because my nails chip within a day or two. And that's even with good nail polish. 



Friday, July 26, 2013


Friday Five Duke edition!

(2 months older on the left!)

Two months ago we welcomed this little fart whistle into our home. We love him to pieces and so I figured since it's Friday and there is a Friday Five trend I would dedicate it to him.

1.  Puppy eyes will make you forget poop on your floor and chewed up flip flops but only until your foot touches one.

2. Whoever said boxers have the best personalities was correct! I have never known a dog with so many facial expressions and just like a kid he has one for naughty, nice, sneaky, goofy and sleepy. I'm really good at picking out the sneaky/naughty combo.

3.  Owning a puppy is harder than having a newborn I'm pretty sure. 

4. I used to make fun of the crazy pet parents. They call their pet their child, let them sleep in the bed with them,  cook them special meals/buy them special food, and pick them up presents whenever they go to the pet store. Well I am now joining the club and I am seeing that the 'crazy' was really just love. Fur children are just that, your kids with a lot of fuzz.

5. No matter who comes home or visits Duke gets the first physical hello. How can you resist though when the clumsy, floppy ear, big brown eyed furball comes running at you with nothing but happiness when you walk in the door? His little face can sure turn a day around. 

Just an extra.... I think he's a momma's boy but don't tell Superman ;-)



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hey! It's Thursday!

We have had Beer-margs!

In honor of the office manager's birthday we went next door to the Mexican restaurant. Shhhh don't tell the boss man ;-)

It's of course cloudy and rainyish today and I really want a night with a couple hours by the pool. 

My hair stayed straight today! Woohoo! I always wondered before moving down here why there were so many hair products and who in their right mind would spend that much on them. Well now I know. Unless you wish to look like a poodle it's necessary.

Did mention lately how awesome Superman is? No? Ok here goes...he just is. He called me to tell me what he had going on at work, he very well could have sent a text but knows I like myself a call :-) Love him.

Excuse the mess of !! and ?? and broken sentences, please reference the picture above.



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Terrorist Tuesday

My socks say Wednesday and my brain wishes it was Saturday.  I have a blender bottle full of iced coffee, a pink rockstar, and pasta salad. My hair is a disaster today which means I look like a rabid poodle.

Royal baby? Yay it's healthy. Do we really need to dwell over if he's going to an actual school or if he'll be allowed to have friends? Pretty sure that's Mama Kate's decision. Drop it.

I'm tired of the racial bullshit that's been going around. ALL races need to drop it. Are we all humans? Yes? Ok, then we're equal, boom, discussion ends.

I am ready for E to come home! I'm also ready for her to start K, not because I want her to grow up any faster but she's been ready for a year and I'm probably just as excited as she is. If it wasn't for the fact that I want her to experience school shopping I probably would have done it already. Crazy momma right here.

Good day all!



Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend Eve

I hope you all have amazing weekend plans!

Today I am confronted with a gigantic stack of papers that need to sifted through and sorted out and dealt with. Can I not and say I did? Good thing DD pulled through for me this morning.

I'm out of Pandora skips already this morning and the Beibs is on. My ears are bleeding.

Meaningless office babble. Do you prefer BIC or Sharpie highlighters? Personally I like an assortment of both, I like the Sharpie yellow better but I enjoy the thin point on the BIC.

Hair day tomorrow! Finally not going to look like I'm trying to join the crowd in this ombre epidemic.  I miss my bff for many reasons but this is definitely one of them. It was an amazing 2 hours of girl time and a lot of bleach and foils. Soon bff, soon.

I will now get back to work. May Mother Nature cool her PMS hot flash rage and cool down a little because if you are near me you are currently experiencing triple digits and atrocious humidity.



Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Facebook is not your clothesline!

There are some days when opening up social media disgusts me. Facebook is brilliant and I love being able to still "see" and interact with my friends and family from all the way over here but some people use it as a diary. It's like the beauty shop of the 60s.  Gossip is everywhere and FB posts just fuel the fire, which whatever be catty and be 15 and "OMG she toooootally cheated on him last night!" and then we'll hear about how much they love each other in 24 minutes. What really gets me is the relationship issues that people post. I have finally defriended the major culprits because it's just a huge disgrace.

Look back at your great grandparents and grandparents and in my case parents. Everybody thinks that the relationship is perfect. Is it because they are fake in public? No. It is because when they had a problem in their relationship they dealt with it at home and maybe, just maybe, asked one friend, over coffee, what to do.  There was none of this using FB as a clothes line bullshit.

Every relationship, I don't care how in love or compatible or meant for each other the couple is, will have it's rough patches. There will be disagreements, nights when he goes one way and she goes the other, tears and beers and phone calls to best friends, but there is no way that anyone should know what your relationship is going through unless they are the one on the other end of the phone call. If you really love your partner, care about them and want the best for them and the relationship you two are sharing then you owe them the respect and decency to keep these parts of your "us" behind closed doors. Also it would save my forehead from the palm of my hand the next time something ridiculous like this is posted :-)

In all other news I have 24 days until I get my E back! Also need to look at planning a weekend getaway for Superman and I, we could definitely use a lot of sand, sun and umbrella drinks.



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday suck...major

Do you ever wake up and think "Work can wait a day and I can pretend that I'm no home so I won't have to deal with the housework and then I'll just go get lost in my thoughts somewhere"? If you haven't ever done this then you aren't human so please go back and try again.

This puppy is soo darn cute but I will never ever get a puppy again. Nope.

Work was grrr last night and I was stuck here until 530.

I miss alone time with the Superman. Which is probably why I spent too much time hitting the snooze button for snuggles this morning.

Late snuggles plus the gas light coming on in the car meant 7 minutes of tardiness on my part.

I devoured lunch at 9 am and I'm still hungry but this fat girl needs to slow down her caloric intake especially since running and working out and what not is not happening because I'm lazy.

I would like to read a book but it sounds like too much work, refer back to lazy.

Back to work and side eyeing the 50 yr old man that just asked if he could be put on his mothers policy.....


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Imprints of amazing people

I have encountered a lot of great people already in my life and hopefully my luck streak continues. My previous job up in MT wasn't just a paycheck, they were my second family. I started when I was pregnant with E, they have been there from the beginning of all my mess. They still mean a lot to me and ya I like my job here but it's not the same working without them.

As I posted yesterday Friday was my birthday and I took the day off to head to VA. I came into work yesterday to a ton of voice mails and emails and sticky notes, 2 of which were absolutely perfect and the reason for this post.

In true Bob fashion she called with the rest of the office to wish me happy birthday and my voicemail starts out with "Jessie how dare you not be in the office today!" and then proceeds to wish me happy birthday. Some people may take offense but if she called and was all sweet and not a smart ass then I would think she was ill and I would be concerned. She really is me just 20 years older :-)

My office mom/second mom sent me an email that reminded me just how lucky I am to have her in my life. She never had to be anything more than my boss Monday through Friday 8-5 but instead she gave me advice and hugs when I needed them, she housed and fed me, and she is one of my favorite women. She has been through her ups and downs and she still loves unconditionally and sends out extra chances even after people have done her wrong but will put her foot down when she needs. Proof that being nice isn't always a bad thing and she is always putting everyone else first. As a woman she knows her strengths and her weaknesses and doesn't hide from her feelings. This is a snippet of what her email to me read "Sounds like you are happy and that is what we always wished for you!!"..."Keep in touch with me and take care of
yourself-you are way too valuable to not be happy! Love, your second Mom!". I am truly blessed and lucky to have such an amazing woman in my life.

In true Tuesday fashion today does not look promising. Good thing DD pulled through for me.



Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthdays, departures and coffee dates

Friday I turned the big 2-4. I spent the day with my wonderful daughter, parents and brother at the beach. Simple and not too bad for an old lady birthday. The drive home was delightful as it downpoured for 60 miles which caused 40mph on the interstate and motion sicknes that sent me straight to bed when I finally reached home.

Saturday was a jumble of whatever thrown on top of an awkward redneck baseball game.

Yesterday was rough. Miss E is in Big Sky country for 40 days with her father. She didn't want to leave, I didn't want her to leave but here we are and August can not come soon enough. I just hope she has fun, at least that will make it a little easier on me.

Last night I wanted out of the house, so my wonderful husband says "Do you want to just go have coffee, you said you'd go have coffee back when we first met and we never have." So Superman and I went and had coffee and then took the long way home. 19 months later and he's still just as sweet and romantic as day one.

I hope all of you are lucky  like me and will only be working 3 days this week!