Sunday, June 3, 2012

Warning danger ahead!

Call me bitchy, sex deprived, stressed, crazy, really whatever you want but who in their right mind (men I'm guessing) came up with this "Have a happy period" bullshit?! What woman in their right mind has ever had a happy period? Find me a woman that has even had a remotely not too bad period. There is NOTHING enjoyable about it. I would call it manageable, something that I have to deal with on a monthly basis and dread the day it shows up and praise the heavens above the day it leaves.

Since I'm in a mood and for some reason The Last Song is on and I'm too angry pissed typing to flip it to either Miss USA or a fuggin baseball game. Why? Not enough Captain or Superman I'm sure....

Why do people warsh clothes or use onvelopes? Speaking like that drives me bonkers. Somebody please call me a hypocrite because I believe that creek is pronounced crick unless it's in a name.

Life is a little crazy.

Gonna be kicking some Georgia peach ass in 5 days! They ain't seen nothing yet ;-)



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