Monday, October 8, 2012

Holy Jeebus!!

I haven't been on here in years!

Update on the world I live in. 2400 mile move in a short time! I can't believe it's happening right here and now but I couldn't be more happy and excited for our adventure! E of course can't wait and wants to move yesterday because she is also over missing Superman and only seeing him through Skype and talking to him on the phone.

I really hate moving. I don't hate the outcome but I hate the deep cleaning, packing, address changes, medical record roundup and make sure everybody that you have ever come into any sort of payment contact knows that you are no longer where you once were so they can continue to send you wonderful bills.

My lists in my list have lists. I swear I'm going to pull my hair out with all the crap I have to put together and get organized. This weekend will be a madhouse. I will be surviving off coffee and pink rockstars. This is a warning to anybody that decides to text, call or stop by that you will given a box, mop or paint brush and put to work.

Good night my lovelies and I will try to keep you updated on my madness as I go!



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