Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday suck...major

Do you ever wake up and think "Work can wait a day and I can pretend that I'm no home so I won't have to deal with the housework and then I'll just go get lost in my thoughts somewhere"? If you haven't ever done this then you aren't human so please go back and try again.

This puppy is soo darn cute but I will never ever get a puppy again. Nope.

Work was grrr last night and I was stuck here until 530.

I miss alone time with the Superman. Which is probably why I spent too much time hitting the snooze button for snuggles this morning.

Late snuggles plus the gas light coming on in the car meant 7 minutes of tardiness on my part.

I devoured lunch at 9 am and I'm still hungry but this fat girl needs to slow down her caloric intake especially since running and working out and what not is not happening because I'm lazy.

I would like to read a book but it sounds like too much work, refer back to lazy.

Back to work and side eyeing the 50 yr old man that just asked if he could be put on his mothers policy.....


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