Friday, July 26, 2013


Friday Five Duke edition!

(2 months older on the left!)

Two months ago we welcomed this little fart whistle into our home. We love him to pieces and so I figured since it's Friday and there is a Friday Five trend I would dedicate it to him.

1.  Puppy eyes will make you forget poop on your floor and chewed up flip flops but only until your foot touches one.

2. Whoever said boxers have the best personalities was correct! I have never known a dog with so many facial expressions and just like a kid he has one for naughty, nice, sneaky, goofy and sleepy. I'm really good at picking out the sneaky/naughty combo.

3.  Owning a puppy is harder than having a newborn I'm pretty sure. 

4. I used to make fun of the crazy pet parents. They call their pet their child, let them sleep in the bed with them,  cook them special meals/buy them special food, and pick them up presents whenever they go to the pet store. Well I am now joining the club and I am seeing that the 'crazy' was really just love. Fur children are just that, your kids with a lot of fuzz.

5. No matter who comes home or visits Duke gets the first physical hello. How can you resist though when the clumsy, floppy ear, big brown eyed furball comes running at you with nothing but happiness when you walk in the door? His little face can sure turn a day around. 

Just an extra.... I think he's a momma's boy but don't tell Superman ;-)



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