Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Facebook is not your clothesline!

There are some days when opening up social media disgusts me. Facebook is brilliant and I love being able to still "see" and interact with my friends and family from all the way over here but some people use it as a diary. It's like the beauty shop of the 60s.  Gossip is everywhere and FB posts just fuel the fire, which whatever be catty and be 15 and "OMG she toooootally cheated on him last night!" and then we'll hear about how much they love each other in 24 minutes. What really gets me is the relationship issues that people post. I have finally defriended the major culprits because it's just a huge disgrace.

Look back at your great grandparents and grandparents and in my case parents. Everybody thinks that the relationship is perfect. Is it because they are fake in public? No. It is because when they had a problem in their relationship they dealt with it at home and maybe, just maybe, asked one friend, over coffee, what to do.  There was none of this using FB as a clothes line bullshit.

Every relationship, I don't care how in love or compatible or meant for each other the couple is, will have it's rough patches. There will be disagreements, nights when he goes one way and she goes the other, tears and beers and phone calls to best friends, but there is no way that anyone should know what your relationship is going through unless they are the one on the other end of the phone call. If you really love your partner, care about them and want the best for them and the relationship you two are sharing then you owe them the respect and decency to keep these parts of your "us" behind closed doors. Also it would save my forehead from the palm of my hand the next time something ridiculous like this is posted :-)

In all other news I have 24 days until I get my E back! Also need to look at planning a weekend getaway for Superman and I, we could definitely use a lot of sand, sun and umbrella drinks.



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