Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Terrorist Tuesday

My socks say Wednesday and my brain wishes it was Saturday.  I have a blender bottle full of iced coffee, a pink rockstar, and pasta salad. My hair is a disaster today which means I look like a rabid poodle.

Royal baby? Yay it's healthy. Do we really need to dwell over if he's going to an actual school or if he'll be allowed to have friends? Pretty sure that's Mama Kate's decision. Drop it.

I'm tired of the racial bullshit that's been going around. ALL races need to drop it. Are we all humans? Yes? Ok, then we're equal, boom, discussion ends.

I am ready for E to come home! I'm also ready for her to start K, not because I want her to grow up any faster but she's been ready for a year and I'm probably just as excited as she is. If it wasn't for the fact that I want her to experience school shopping I probably would have done it already. Crazy momma right here.

Good day all!



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