Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hey! It's Thursday!

We have had Beer-margs!

In honor of the office manager's birthday we went next door to the Mexican restaurant. Shhhh don't tell the boss man ;-)

It's of course cloudy and rainyish today and I really want a night with a couple hours by the pool. 

My hair stayed straight today! Woohoo! I always wondered before moving down here why there were so many hair products and who in their right mind would spend that much on them. Well now I know. Unless you wish to look like a poodle it's necessary.

Did mention lately how awesome Superman is? No? Ok here goes...he just is. He called me to tell me what he had going on at work, he very well could have sent a text but knows I like myself a call :-) Love him.

Excuse the mess of !! and ?? and broken sentences, please reference the picture above.



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