Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Polite young gentlemen and some Christmas lights.

Last night while leaving basketball at the Y with my arms full of E, Zoobles, squeeze applesauce and my purse I was gratefully reminded that some parents do still know how to raise polite young men. While struggling to walk let alone trying to think about how I was going to open the double doors ahead of me, this wonderful young man (maybe 13?) stopped what he was doing with his friends and ran to hold both of them open for me.  I graciously thanked him and got a "You're welcome ma'am have a good evening". I'm young myself but I rarely see this example of kindness on a daily basis anymore. It makes me believe that not all of the young men around aren't headed to jail in 3 years like they seem to be. Call me an old lady but what happened to holding doors open for people, letting them know when somebody dropped something, stopping when somebody is pulled over on the side of the road with their hazards on and just helping somebody when they need it? Have we all gotten so afraid of being nice and courteous that decent manners have flown out this window?

And now....

After wonderful young man opened the door for us, we headed home where we passed a house decked out in full Christmas attire. Lights, wreath on the door and fake lit up candy canes on the walk. E was of course super excited because what kid doesn't love Christmas and all it's glory, but seriously? I'm a firm lover of the holidays, they are amazing with all their great food and friends and family and fun, but they need to be kept in their respectable months. October is for Halloween, please do not decorate for this until October has hit, I do not appreciate ghosts in August. Thanksgiving gets a little more leeway from me because decorating for fall is acceptable once mid September comes in my book. Christmas is the most blown out of proportion holiday ever! They are already are talking about it and evidently decorating for it and it's still 3 months out! I judge people who decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving also, wait 6 friggen days until 12/1 please.

Tuesday is usually crabby, bitch and snatch day...

Good day!


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