Friday, September 30, 2011

Tattoos and sweaty belly buttons.

Please note that neither of these are on my person at this time.

E this morning had another brilliant idea. "Momma, I want a tattoo". I was really hoping for this to not come at all, and even then at least wait until she was like 15 or something. Nope I get saddled with a 3 year old with the attitude and thinking of a teenager. Great super duper for me. Funny thing is though her father is trying to play it off as pure innocence. I have completely come to terms that she is going to be a strong headed, daredevil, boy chasing, getting into trouble girl that I was. The day when he opens his eyes and sees it will be priceless, I might even bring the flip it every where I go from now on so I can hopefully capture the horrible fear that will flash across his face. Mean? Nah, just trying to find some funny in the very cold hard truth that I am raising a mini me.

Sweaty belly buttons. You know when a larger man has on a tight shirt and he has that sweat circle right around his navel? Yep that's what I have sitting near me at the moment, it's one of those disgusting sights like gross greasy hair or too long of toenails that you just have to keep looking at. I can't turn away as much as I would like too. Puke. Onto another train of thought...navel. Navel is kind of a classy word for belly button so I don't know if it can be used in this gross description, but then again belly button is meant for cute little kid tummy's. So my Google of the day will be to find a nasty term for the belly button and navel.

Tomorrow is Cats homecoming! My hair is super red, like it's almost trashy and a little to punk for me...I'm gonna rock it anyways.

Here's to giving Friday and the weekend some hell!

<3 Jess

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